Folake Huntoon Will Make You Fall In Love Over Again With The Wrap Dress

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The Wrap dress might be over 40 years old now but with a few face lifts here and there, but this very flattering frock is one trend  that we can’t stop loving.

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Designer and celebrity stylist Folake Huntoon of Style Pantry is one fashionista that has changed the face of fashion in a big way.  She has gradually emancipated to an Instagram fashion Icon whose page is a look book for all stylish women.

Her love for the wrap dress is one obvious fact that she throws in our faces at every given opportunity, giving us countless reasons to love the curve-complementing, neck-lengthening, waist-trimming garment.

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The way she favors the style has left us wondering if she has a closet full of wrap dresses or she is just doing it for the gram. Whatever the case may be, check out all the times she made us fall in love with the style.

wrap dresses

wrap dresses2

wrap dresses3

wrap dresses4

wrap dresses5

wrap dresses6

wrap dresses7

wrap dresses8

wrap dresses9

wrap dresses10

wrap dresses11

wrap dresses12

wrap dresses13

wrap dresses14





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