Five Habits of a Well-Groomed Man

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When it comes to caring about yourself as a man, you should pay attention to your body the same way you do with your car that needs to be regularly waxed and polished.

You need to have a solid grooming habit. A well-groomed man has a different kind of appeal and is taken more seriously.

There are various ways to pay attention to yourself and do better with your grooming without necessarily having to do so much and spend so much time.

Well-groomed men have traits that are peculiar to them. These traits may include their shaving habits, how often they get their hair cut/trimmed, how they smell.

Here are five habits of a well-groomed man;

He Shaves

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It’s 2016, groomed men manscape, they shave their armpits, private area, and nose! Shaving is so important as part of your general tidiness and neatness as a man. Going around with brush armpits and nostrils isn’t attractive or clean.

Gets a cut regularly

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Whether you are hairy or not – impeccably groomed men have their barber’s shop appointment at least twice a week. And if you don’t need a cut, get your previous cut restyled or better trimmed.

Has a signature scent 

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The way you smell gives you more points as a man. There are different perfumes to select from to get that signature scent that has the ladies going crazy for you. Try fragrances like Dior Eau Sauvage, Terre d’Hermès, Guerlain Vetiver, Acqua di Parma Colonia and Givenchy Gentleman. You could also get the imitations of these in oil based form, which is a lot cheaper most likely would last longer.

Has a Nail care routine 

Dirty nails and extremely long nails are a no no no ! Groomed men don’t keep long nails and let them get dirty. Regular nail care is a very important part of grooming.

Uses products

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Shampoo, beard oil, facial scrub a well-groomed man pays attention to these things and isn’t ashamed. Products are made to improve skin, scent and many more. There is no reason why you shouldn’t be using the right products for your skin and hair.





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