Do You Know That There Are 11 Types Of Condoms?

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Picking out condoms for a typical man in this part of the world is usually a brisk and quick thing with most men choosing to spend as little time as possible on this experience.

It shouldn’t however be so as there are different types of condoms which many of us have no idea of.

Given that these different types exist, you may actually want to consider knowing them and the right type for sex play and birth control. Condoms have mostly been thought to be for protection against STI’s and unwanted pregnancies but new inventions function more for sex play.

Come along as we go through a list of the different types of condoms there are and how best they work.

Edible Condoms


Sounds unbelievable? But there are condoms that are edible which can simply be rolled on and eaten off! Edible condoms come in different flavours and brands to choose from. You should however note that these type of condoms are only meant for novelty use and do not confer any form of protection against diseases or pregnancy prevention.

Flavored Condoms

A lot of condoms come in flavoured aromas which may be contained in the lubricant or directly on the condom itself. Some common flavours include grape, orange, strawberry, mint, vanilla and chocolate. These condoms are usually meant to make oral sex more interesting and if you’re planning to make use of them for vaginal sex, ensure their flavours do not contain sugar by checking in the leaflet they come with. This is because sugars alter vaginal pH which can cause yeast infections.

Studded Condoms

Studded Condoms come in shapes and textures which are meant to increase male and female pleasure. Some types contain raised studs on their surface which is meant to to enhance female satisfaction and male enjoyment.


Glow-In-The-Dark Condom

These condoms are intended for contraceptive use and prevention of STI’s. This condom however has an extra feature as it glows in the dark for about 30 seconds when exposed to minimal light. The Glow-In-The-Dark Condom has three layers including the inner and the outer layer which made up regular latex. The third layer is made up of a pigment that glows and is sealed in between the two latex layers. If you’re looking for fun, this condom is the way to go!

Warming Condoms

These condoms are made to have the wearer feeling warm sensations. They are made of thinner latex that helps to heighten sensation and enhance sensual pleasure. The warm lubricant covering them are activated by the natural moisture of the body which makes the wearer have a warm feeling on the penis.

Tickler Condoms

Tickler condoms are made with soft jelly or a soft rubber tickler tip. They come in different styles including nodules, nubs, and ridges and provide stimulation by “tickling” the inner walls of the vagina. They are best for couples on permanent birth control methods as they do not prevent diseases or pregnancy. The man can however wear a regular condom beneath the tickler to provide contraceptive protection.

Tingling Condoms

Durex has a brand of condoms known as the Tingling Pleasure. They contain a spearmint tingling lubricant with a minty scent which are made to provide intense tingly experience for both partners. as well as a minty scent.

Pleasure Shaped Condoms

Pleasure Shaped Condoms are made to give the wearer enlarged tips. The wide tops allow for better friction because they aid the stimulation of the nerve endings at the tip of the penis that comes from the extra latex.

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Colored Condoms

Condoms come in an array of different colours. As a matter of fact, about 36 countries have condoms that are produced in their national colours. The good thing is that most coloured condoms provide the necessary protection.

Strip Condoms

Some condoms are designed to have quick strips which are similar to band-aid or plasters. One of the brands available is Sensis who are at the forefront QuickStrips technology. The condom comes with ridged ends which can be pulled down as QuickStrips. The QuickStrips can be discarded while the main latex can be used for protective sexual activity. What sets this condom apart is that they can be applied quickly and accurately while also providing optimum protection against sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy.

Mint Condoms

Mint Condoms are a particular favourite for oral sex. They are non-lubricated and are coated with a mint flavored powder which can give a sweet spearmint taste during oral sex. The good thing is that they also offer protection against unwanted pregnancy while also providing the man with heightened sensual experience.



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