Court Of Appeal Affirms Ban On Okada In Lagos State

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The Court of Appeal sitting in Lagos state has corroborated with the judgment of the State High Court, which had upheld the legality of the Lagos traffic law, restricting commercial motorcycles popularly known as Okada from plying some routes in the State.

The Lagos State Road Traffic Law which came into effect on August 2, 2012 restricts the operations of commercial motorcycle on about 475 out of the over 9,000 roads in the State.

Some commercial motorcyclists, under the aegis of All Nigeria Auto Bike Commercial Owners and Workers Association (ANACOWA), had approached the High Court of Lagos State on Thursday challenging the power of the state to ban commercial motorcycles from plying the about 475 routes, saying that it violated their right to freedom of movement.

However the Court of Appeal held that the Law which is Section 3 of the Lagos State Road Traffic Law 2012 was legal.

The Court further ruled that the Law was enacted with the overriding intention to protect the interest of the public, provide environmental sanity and reasonably justifiable for a society like Lagos State.



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