Closet Essentials: Must-have Underwear For Men

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Every guy should pay attention to his underwear.

The famous “nobody is looking at me” excuse is getting old. Ladies care what kind of underwear their men have on. The specific color, the fabric and the appeal, all matter, and that is why you shouldn’t be caught wearing the wrong thing.

The questions you could find yourself asking when it comes to underwear choices are:

  1. What underwear should I wear?
  2. Briefs or boxers?
  3. Trunks or jocks?
  4. What will look good on me?
  5. Are vests still in vogue?

In this post we give you a style guide on buying the right underwear. Here are the basic things that should be in your underwear closet as a man;


Underwear for men

Going by dictionary definition briefs are short, close-fitting underpants or knickers. So it’s basically the tight ones we see in those David Beckham commercials, extremely important for every man to own.

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men underwear 7

Boxers on the other hand are loose fitting and extremely common amongst younger men. Boxers are great for shorts and any loose fitting clothes you plan to wear, and they also look great on your girl.

Round neck Vest  

Underwear for men


Round necks are essentials especially if you are the Nigerian man that likes to wear native clothing. They’re also good to help soak up your sweat so that it doesn’t show on your attire. You need at least a couple of them in basic colors.


men underwear 8

White or black singlets are totally important. They also serve the same purpose as vests. There is no reason why anyone should see your nipples through your shirt. You can go for black or white singlets.




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