Chinese Supermarket in Abuja Reverses Its Ban On Nigerians After Outrage

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Chinese Supermarket

A supermarket in Abuja belonging to Chinese immigrants was a target of outrage earlier in the week after a visitor, Aminu G Idris, revealed on Facebook that the store was denying entry to Nigerians.

Chinese supermarket in Abuja where Nigerians not allowed access. You will be suprised to hear I went to a supermarket…

Posted by Aminu G. Idris on Monday, June 13, 2016

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The store which is called Chinese Supermarket seems to have been a victim of robbery and because of that, decided to take a hard stance on locals. After the publicity that followed this decision, however, the store quickly reversed the policy and pasted an “explanation” at the entrance.

Store notice

Journalist, Jaafar Jaafar who visited the store to confirm the incident had this to say;

“The owner of the shop first narrated the armed robbery incident that left him and his wife injured. I asked the shopkeeper, his wife and the security guards several questions and drew inference that the initial account is actually true.

But when the first report went viral, and Daily Trust made a follow up, they realised the implications of the decision to ban Nigerians. They quickly lifted the ban, issued a notice and invited their Nigerian friend to whitewash their action.”



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