Cause Of Prince’s Death Revealed! Singer Died Of Opioid Overdose

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Prince died of opioid overdose on April 21, a day before he was scheduled to meet with a doctor in an attempt to kick his opioid addiction. The painkiller Percocet was present in Prince’s body as at his time of death.

The 57 year-old’s lifeless body was found in his Paisley Park elevator about 9.40AM by two of his staff members, longtime friend Kirk Johnson and personal assistant Meron Bekure and a doctor, Andrew Kornfeld, a pre-med student. Kornfeld placed the 911 call.

A day before his death, a local health practitioner, Dr. Michael Todd Schulenberg treated Prince for withdrawal symptoms from opioid addiction, anemia, and fatigue.

Prince overdosed on opioid

A police warrant disclosed Dr Schulenberg had prescribed medication to the late singer on 20 April, the day before he died, though the warrant didn’t mention what was prescribed or if Prince actually took the drugs.

Prior to that, Prince’s inner circle were concerned about his health so they reached out to Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins a well-known activist who helped Prince recover the rights to his early catalog of songs from Warner Bros.

On April 20, the night before his death and less than 12 hours before his body was found, Ellis-Lamkins called Dr Howard Kornfeld, a pain and addiction specialist in Mill Valley, Calif., for help to get Prince off prescription painkillers.

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Dr Howard Kornfeld could not attend to Prince so he sent his son, Andrew Kornfeld, a pre-med student in his stead. Andrew who worked with his father was supposed to meet with Prince and a second Minnesota doctor who is also certified to prescribe opioid addiction treatment.

Dr Andrew
Dr Andrew Kornfeld placed Prince’s 911 call

Prince’s attorney, William Mauzy said Andrew was carrying a small amount of buprenorphine, used to treat addiction which also offers pain relief with less possibility of overdose and addiction. Andrew was to give the drug to the Minnesota doctor who was scheduled to see Prince.

Mauzy told reporters, “Dr. Kornfeld was never able to meet Prince, never talked to Prince, and sadly, unable to arrive in time to help Prince.”

In light of this, the investigation has shifted focus on Prince’s use of painkillers and how he obtained them.


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