Cameron Okoye Reveals His Account Balance In First Ever Interview

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Cameron Okoye Reveals His Account Balance – The son of singer Peter Okoye, Cameron Okoye, has given his first ever interview alongside his dad in honor of Fathers Day.

Cameron Okoye Reveals His Account Balance
Cameron Okoye Reveals His Account Balance

Speaking to Punch, Mr. P revealed how becoming a father curbed his excessive lifestyle, and Cameron also revealed a couple of things about himself. Excerpts from the interview below!

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How has fatherhood impacted you?
Peter: Fatherhood has taught me to be selfless and always consider my children first in whatever I do. In the past, I spent a fortune on pricey wristwatches and exotic cars. Today, my children come first. I spend wisely and preserve myself for them because they are my future.

How do you spend quality time with your kids?
Peter: Whenever I am in town, I take them out to play and buy ice-cream. Sometimes, we eat out at their favourite eatery.We also go swimming on Sundays; we have a pool in our home but we prefer to go swimming elsewhere. It’s sad that sometimes when they travel for summer holidays, I am not usually around because summer is a busy period for us. So, if they will be away for two weeks and I’m free for two days in between, I join them and then I go back to work.

Is there anything you wish to do better as a father?
Peter: I wish that I had my children earlier; I was with their mum for years before we got married. I even had them before we got married. If I had them a long time ago, we would relate more like siblings. If they were teenagers for instance, they would know that their dad is a celebrity and can learn certain things on their own.

What do you love most about your dad?
Cameron: I love his music, the way he teaches and corrects me when I do anything wrong. My dad teaches me everything I need to know and he is also my best friend.

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Would you also like to be a musician?
Cameron: No. I would rather be a footballer because I feel I was born to play football. I’m a bit confused sometimes about my favourite football club. But, my favourite football players are Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, because they are the best players in the world;they have a lot of skills.

If you could buy something for your dad, what would it be?
Cameron: I wouldn’t buy him anything. I will give him money; I’ll give him N19, 000 because that is all the money I have. I don’t mind giving him all of it because he deserves it.



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