Calvin Harris Swiftly Unfollows Taylor Swift On Social Media For Kissing Tom Hiddleston

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calvin harris

Calvin Harris has deleted every trace of his fifteen-month relationship with Taylor Swift from his social media as well as unfollowing Taylor on Twitter after photographs of her packing the PDAs with Tom Hiddleston emerged online.

He must be hurting real bad.

calvin harris
Taylor Swift has swiftly moved on

Harris and Taylor had an amiable breakup on the first of June, still, since photos of Swift and the Thor actor, Tom Hiddleston packing on the PDAs surfaced online, Wednesday, Harris didn’t like the turn of things as he remarked, “Oh boy, it’s about to go down.”

A Calvin Harris source said, “Now that these pictures have come out, he instantly went back to the Met Gala moment in his mind, he has lots of questions and is disappointed in Taylor. It goes against everything he thought she would do. It puts her in a bad light in his mind, he doesn’t like how this is all turning out” 

Taylor and Tom first caused raised brows when both were caught on cam pulling some super cool dance moves at the May 2 Met Gala that Calvin didn’t attend.

It was asserted to be one of the reasons they broke up.

calvin harris
Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston

Another insider added, “Calvin wanted nothing more than to have no controversy with their break up, and that is why he originally stated when they broke up that love was still there.”

Calvin’s feelings might be hurt but Taylor is all loved up with Tom.

An onlooker described Taylor Swift’s display with Tom, “They were all over each other – hugging and kissing – even though there were 20 people coming and going on the beach. They looked like any young couple madly in love without a care in the world.”

Just as a source in Taylor’s camp revealed, “Tom has been courting Taylor since they met – he sent her flowers. She’s been won over.”

calvin harris
Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston packing on the PDAs

Oh well, it’s pretty obvious Calvin Harris is now water on the bridge. Taylor has moved on, swiftly.

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