Boko Haram: The Insidious Annihilation Of A Radical Islamic Death Cult

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Troops Kill 21 Boko Haram Fighters, Rescue 1,623 Captives In Borno State

Apparently credited with the colossal extermination of more than 25,000 mortals within the ambit of the north-eastern sphere of world’s most populous black nation and the displacement of about 2.6 million since 2009, Nigeria’s radical Islamic death cult, Boko Haram, has luxuriated in the definitive profundity of death related from contemporaneous terrorism.

This article was written by Datboyjerry. The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of

Transformation From A Rebellious Clan To A Lethal Islamic Death Cult

The group, Wilayat Gharb Afriqiya, which claimed to have pledged its ‘unalloyed’ allegiance to the “province” of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), is brutally acknowledged for bestial cruelty and cold-blooded ripping apart of lives from the blood pumping organ of life.

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Likened by many as the ferocious animals of the sub-Saharan and Savannah, a mind’s eye of the Islamic death cult rings a frightening bell tantamount to gory scenes in horror movies, as carrying out attacks and slaughters of epic proportions are nothing but a much-loved hobby to the militants of the terror group.

Artistically branded the ‘Da Vinci of macabre’ homicides, the odious self-esteem of the militants hum in mantra the unruly slogan of combat and death, ‘it is either you kill or be killed’.

Metaphorically christened as the painters of grisly causalities, their guileful yearn for Islamic caliphate was betrayed by their tenet of dark understanding and inimical food for thought.

For they have failed to familiarise with the binary division of all principles and actions between ‘halal’ and ‘haram’ – In Arabic ‘lawful’ and ‘forbidden’ respectively.

Designated from Hell with the ‘loathsome’ garland of carnage and the mantle of the deadliest terror group to match, Boko Haram seeks after the establishment of a hard-line Islamic caliphate in Nigeria, so as to project Wahhabism, through means of cultural parochialism and religious dogmatism.

The heinous fraternity claimed to be abhorrent to the Westernization of Nigerian society, but have sophisticated themselves with the greatest benefits of Colonial heritage – cutting-edge weapons and state-of-the-art ammunition with the aid of Doctors, Engineers, and Scientists among others to wreck more bloodbaths to mankind.

Mothers protest against terrorism and the return of their school girls kidnapped in Chibok by the death cult, Boko Haram
Mothers protest against terrorism and the return of their school girls kidnapped in Chibok by the death cult, Boko Haram

They are a bunch of brainwashed monsters that have purposefully veered out of the divine creeds of Islam and then embraced in holy consummation the doctrines of Salafism – Jihad.

They are a cult of ferocious demons, who have sworn an ‘inviolable’ oath with Hell and Death to continuously transmute verve in life to lifelessness at the altar of mass butchering, most especially of those who contravene its barbaric doctrines and morally outrageous ‘modus vivendi’.

The brazenly indoctrinated villains are so vicious in atrocity; even soulless animals are not spared during their malevolent raids and ambushes in towns and communities which they have viewed as soft targets.

In order to ply their vile trade appropriately, the well-trained, fiendish emissaries from hell have mastered the several arts of warfare – from the shifting approach of guerrilla-style attacks, to the conventional capture and consolidation of territory, hit-and-run-style, and then the crafty circumvention of ambushes and entombment of landmines.

The levels of casualties, internal displacement and social disruption by the sect have incited a widespread crisis, spilling over the borders of neighbouring countries such as Niger, Cameroon and Chad.

The radical Islamic death cult, Boko Haram
The radical Islamic death cult, Boko Haram

Until April 2014, when their international recognition swelled overwhelmingly into a ‘wanted’ terrorist group, after they had laid siege and kidnapped 276 susceptible school girls from their dormitory in the serene and inconspicuous town of Chibok in Borno state, Boko Haram was only known to be a group of indigenous and religious hooligans.

They largely fed on the lingering, untold hardship, hopelessness and unemployment in the country to enroll intakes with the ‘false’ promise to enrich the rookies with the financial guts and weapons to go after the authorities of Nigeria, which they claimed have abandoned them – a spurious statement bored out of a dark dogma, flattered to deceive the gullible Nigerians.

The militants of the group had basked in the thought of inviolability and indestructibility, not knowing that they were living on borrowed time, as their days were not just numbered but over.

Military’s Takeover And The Fall Of An Islamic Death Cult

After taking over the supreme position of the country at the end of May, 2015, President Muhammadu Buhari renewed his commitment to end insurgency in Nigeria, by relocating the country’s Military headquarters from the apparently unruffled city of Abuja to the ‘de facto’, war-torn hotbed of Boko Haram activities in Maiduguri, Borno state.

A decision that was greeted with a ‘vote of confidence’ by many Nigerians, as it was an authoritative vitality restored in the mitochondria of the gallant troops of the Nation’s Armed Forces to wake up to clarion calls.

From that moment, the intrepid camouflage-clad combatants of the Nigerian Armed Forces took the war on terrorism to the frontlines of Boko Haram territories and then rein in meteorically, wielding the rod of annexation and annihilation.

Some Boko Haram hostages rescued by the gallant soldiers of the Nigerian Army
Some Boko Haram hostages rescued by the gallant soldiers of the Nigerian Army

Ground soldiers increasingly dealt crushing blows against the militants of the sect during several land combats, just as the Air Force aerially bombarded their strongholds, which led to the liberation of thousands living as hostages in the enclaves of the radical sect.

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Following the interminable, unflinching counter-offensive operations by the military, Boko Haram fighters, who are notoriously known for their attacking vim and lethality, now appear a weaker force in apparent disarray.

They now appear to be reverting to using cash loans to recruit members as the nefarious cult struggles to maintain its numbers in the face of the continuing crackdown by Nigerian government forces.

“The group has deviated from its Yusufania philosophy after the death of the founder, Mohammed Yusuf, to a more radical one championed by a splinter group known as Jamaatu Ansarul Muslimina Fi Biladis Sudan, roughly translated as Vanguard for the Protection of Muslims in Black [Africa]. This group introduced the loans,” The Guardian reported.

An impeccable information gathered also revealed that scores of the emaciated-looking Boko Haram fighters, who grew weary from starvation, bowed to the supreme dominion of the military, while a host of others, who have vowed to remain as diehards, now survive on roots and unripe mangoes, as the valiant troops have succeeded in choking supply routes leading to food shortages.

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With the stretched inaudibility of the shadowy leader of the group, Abubakar Shekau, the war against insurgency in Nigeria is but almost won.

A big kudos goes to the President Muhammadu Buhari led administration for making good its threat to obliterate Boko Haram insurgency from the country, during the ‘campaign’ eve of the 2015 presidential election.

A bigger knock goes to the current administration, which are yet to maximally achieve any other promises it made to Nigerians as the populace have been infused in the ocean of ineffable hardship – from the spiralling inflation of the naira to the removal of fuel subsidy.

This article was written by Datboyjerry.

The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of



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