#Baewatch: 12 Ways to Flaunt Your Relationship On Social Media

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#Baewatch #Baecation and so on are hashtags generated by people’s need to always flaunt their relationships on social media.

If you got it, flaunt it! is the case of couples who constantly show off their significant others on the Instagram, Snapchat, twitter , tumblr, Facebook and other social media outlets.

This trend has gotten a lot of people in trouble and social media already makes the world a smaller place, and people constantly get in cheating drama and so on. Well that’s just one of the cons.

There is really nothing wrong in showing off someone you love and cherish. It’s candy for the eyes and gives hopefuls relationship goals. Right now we can’t get over the amount of cute pictures of couples we see on the internet. What we are checking out today are the kinds of pictures/videos couples share on the Internet.

 Here are the various ways you can flaunt your relationship online:
1.  Take a car photo
baewatch 11
2. Take no-makeup selfies
3. Take After-sex selfies
baewatch 9
4. Share the fitfam Pics
Baewatch 16
 5. The bathroom mirror pictures 
#baewatch 6
 6. The lunchtime or dinner photos 
baewatch 14
7. The Piggyback pictures 
#baewatch 13
8. Kissing Pictures
baewatch 10
baewatch 12
9. Chilling at the beach pictures 
The Carter's -7_360nobs
Baewatch 2
10. Swimming photos
#baewatch 8
11. Videos
Driving around town videos, face swap videos thanks to snap-chat, and random videos that they just giggle and laugh.

#baewatch #fathersday2016

A video posted by @yungesko on

??? had to share. Our interpretations of each other via face swap. Because yes

A video posted by Ayesha Curry (@ayeshacurry) on


?? I'm weak! Found this in our luggage. @marekchinedu is sooo gonna kill me ?

A video posted by ?? Kehinde Smith ?? (@kehinde_smith) on

i am going to vomit

A video posted by chrissy teigen (@chrissyteigen) on

12. The Feetfies



Go forth and flaunt bae, and when/if you get heartbroken READ: ThrowBack Thursday: Ten Heartbreak Songs You Can Relate With

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