#BackToSender: Elite Swiss Village Would Rather Pay £200,000 Fine Than Take In Ten Refugees

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An elite Swiss village called Oberwil-Lieli, one of the wealthiest villages in Europe with 300 millionaires among a population of 2,200 have defiantly refused to accept ten refugees into its community, opting to pay a fine of £200,000, (N57,783,020), instead.


According to MetroUK, the Swiss government had proposed a quota system across its 26 counties in order to meet its promise of taking in 50,000 asylum seekers across the country but the village of Oberwil-Lieli refused the refugees by a vote of 52 percent to 48.

One resident told MailOnline: “We do not want them here it is as simple as that. We have worked hard all our lives and have a lovely village that we do not want it spoiled.

We are not suited to take in refugees. They would not fit in here.”

Swiss village

The decision caused a division between those willing to accept the refugees versus those rejecting as the latter have been tagged ‘racist’.

The mayor of the Swiss village said there was nothing racist about the decision while citing ‘language barrier’ as one of the reasons for the rejection said, “We were not to be told if the 10 were from Syria or if they are economic migrants from other countries.

Yes, the refugees from Syria have to be helped and they are better served by being helped in the camps nearer their home.

Money could be sent to help them, but if we are housing them here it sends out the wrong message. Others will come and risk their lives crossing the ocean and paying people smugglers to bring them.”

The 54 year-old political head of the village said he has been receiving supportive messages from other villages and towns across the country for taking a stand against the quota system.

He produced a car sticker that says ‘I love Oberwil-Lieli’ and has sent out over 1,000. The mayor said, “It might say I love Oberwil, but to those who have asked for the sticker it means “we don’t want refugees.”

The Swiss village refusing refugees

According to Dailymail, a member of the right wing SVP party, Mr Glarner who is also the groups spokesman on immigration and asylum policy, disclosed that residents voted to reject the Government quota, as they believed other towns would be more suitable to take them.

Mr Glarner said Oberwil-Leili is a quiet village not equipped to house ten migrants, ‘It was a narrow victory for those of us who did not want the refugees, but Oberwil-Lieli is not the place for them. What job would they do? There are a few businesses and farms here but there are no jobs to speak off.

They are not likely to be able to speak the language and if some of the refugees have children they will have to go into the local school where they will need special focus.’

Mr Glarner added that those in favor of accepting the ten refugees had wanted them housed in an empty suite of offices but many residents rejected that idea as it was too close to a nursery school.


Members of the community who were accepting of the refugees opine that the refusal to help refugees depicts them as ‘uncaring to the less fortunate’.

A mother-of-two who lives in the Swiss village said: “It is only right that we do something to help others who are less fortunate. It makes the village look like we all do not care what happens to others and only look after ourselves. That is not how it is.”

I would love to go to this village. Just kidding, not really.


Source, MetroUK, Dailymail

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