Back From The Future? Elephant Chases Arnold Schwarzenegger [VIDEO]

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Elephant Chases Arnold Schwarzenegger  – Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of the world’s biggest action stars, having brought down aliens to robots.

Elephant Chases Arnold Schwarzenegger
Elephant Chases Arnold Schwarzenegger

However, when confronted with a real life elephant, the Terminator star did the right thing: run! Schwarzenegger is currently in South Africa for his annual body building competition, Arnold Classic Africa.

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While with a safari tour group, Arnold and co encountered a really big elephant. The huge mammal first seemed only concerned with tapping the car’s bonnet and going way. Suddenly, it turned back and began to chase the group, and they had to run!

“I couldn’t have written this encounter better if it was for a movie,” Arnold wrote as he shared a video of the incident. . “Some of us had to change our pants. Take a photo, not a shot.”

Haha! Watch the video here!




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