Amber Heard Says She Doesn’t Want Depp’s Money, She Just Wants Him Out!

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Amber Heard in new claims via her lawyer is saying she doesn’t anyone or even Johnny Depp himself coming to the conclusion that her domestic violence claim is about his money.

She has gone as far as taking it to the court by filing a declaration stating she is withdrawing her request for temporary spousal support.

Amber Heard leaves court in LA

Heard states that she demanded for it for the reason that she believed it was standard procedure in a divorce case. However, she feels that Johnny Depp’s team is getting the media on their side. She says, in the documents, that the spousal support issue is “used against me to distract and divert the public away from the very serious real issue of domestic violence.”

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According to her claims, Depp amassed $30 million last year alone and, in her opinion, the court had the power to order him to pay her close to $1 million monthly in temporary support.

In conclusion, she is not saying she doesn’t want any support; she is saying she doesn’t want temporary support. She may still seek full spousal support when the divorce is complete, pending how the restraining order case goes.




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