Is Amber Heard Broke? Court Documents Reveal Actress’s Dire Financial Predicament

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Amber Heard seems broke as she presents legal papers describing why she needs Johnny Depp’s spousal support of $50,000 (N9,955,500) .

Court certificates revealed the 30 year-old’s desperate financial predicament showed her basic monthly income as $10,000 (N1,991,100) though she spends $44,000 (N8,760,840) a month on ‘basic expenses’.

In the income and expense documents filed by Heard’s team with the Los Angeles Superior Court, Heard’s total earnings last year from her films and promotions amounted to $250,000 (N49,777,500) while her expenditure was $209,000 (N41,613,990) which left her with a minute profit.

Her savings account balance is currently at $25,000 (N4,977,750).

amber heard
Amber Heard is in dire need of finance

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In 2016, Heard said she had made almost $27,000 (N5,375,970) — as of May 31 — from residuals from her appearances in projects including “The Cleveland Show” and “Magic Mike XXL”, although she has spent $55,000 (N10,951,050) on professional expenses for her production company.

Her claims of spending $44,000 a month on expenses is broken down as; $10,000 a month for rent, $10,000 a month for entertainment, gifts and vacations, $2,000 a month for eating out, $3,000 a month in health care costs not paid for by insurance, $2,000 a month on clothes, and even $300 (£207) a month on laundry and dry cleaning.

The actress also spent $2,000 on auto expenses and another $10,000 a month on miscellaneous costs such as pet supplies, and paying for her publicist and agent.


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Forbes magazine made an estimate of Johnny Depp and the actor is worth $400million (79,644,000,000). His earnings in 2015 alone came to $30million (N5,973,300,000).

Amber and Depp had no prenup and are divorcing in California, a state where marital assets are divided by the ‘community property’ method.

This method implies a judge will simply share a couple’s joint assets equally, although, the individuals involved will retain any/all inherited and premarital assets.

If things go her way, Amber might walk away with a minimum payout of $15million (N2,986,650,000). Not bad.

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Source, CNN, Independent, Dailymail

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  1. The lady is just a gold digger, almost serves him right for divorcing his wife for the pretty young thing. Quite the actress and he played right into her trap.

  2. Good for Depp. really pity his plight having to be dragged this way in public but then when you leave your wife for a young blood, be ready to boil as hot. He’ll be fine, obviously he’s a billionaire.

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