Adam Johnson Is Coaching A Football Team Made Up Of Pedophiles And Perverts In Jail

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adam johnson

Disgraced footballer, Adam Johnson has rounded up a special team of footballers while incarcerated and they include convicted pedophiles and perverts.

The former England winger was given the free rein to play football but it carried the clause of him coaching a side of sex offenders.

Adam Johnson, 28, is currently locked up on a segregated wing in Category C Moorland Prison, in Doncaster, South Yorks, where low-risk inmates are held and will be training fellow Category C convicts.

adam johnson
Disgraced footballer, Adam Johnson

Johnson requested a Sunderland team shirt for his pedophile league to wear during games as the prison facility where he’s being held is equipped with a full-sized football pitch, among other facilities such as, a basketball, volleyball, badminton courts and a weight room.

It is unknown who will pay for the kit or whether his request will be granted.

A source told Daily Star, “Johnson is delighted to be playing football again, although he’s not that happy that his team is going to be made up of paedos and perverts. Football is his life. He has been told to get a team trained up ready to play against other wings in the prison. 

Some of the matches will be a bit fruity because sex offenders are probably the most hated inmates in the prison. The team are training a couple of times week but he thinks they should be training every day. 

Some of the lags in Moorland haven’t done any physical training in years, are overweight and smoking 20 a day, so he’ll have his work cut out. He’s already started doing some trials and the team should be playing next week.”

The former Sunderland star who earned £60,000, (N17,274,849) a week was given a six-year sentence at a Bradford Crown Court in March for grooming and engaging in sexual activity with a 15 year-old girl.

In April, Johnson was punched by a fellow inmate during a shower row after he told his counterpart, “f*** off, Do you know who I am?” when he was asked to remove a mass of matted hair from a shower plug-hole. Johnson denied the fight ever happened.


Source, DailyStar

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