Abby’s Diary #26 By Fiksionist

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Dear Diary,

Mr. Vincent lit his cigar while I waited patiently for him to say something about my resignation. He concentrated on the cigar for a while before smiling at me. The smile didn’t touch his eyes. “You were saying?”

I cleared my throat. “ I was saying-“

“You want to resign?” He finished for me and smiled again.

“Yes sir. I understand that this is a little sudden but I need some time to sort some things out and then probably start afresh. Vinor means the world to me but I need to go.”

I finished my over-rehearsed “let-me-go” lines and took a deep breath. I had written my words down and read it before my mirror over and over again.  I needed positive energy around me and working in Vinor would always drag me to war with Queen B. I know you are wondering how I will survive but i have it all figured out: from the little I had saved from Jake’s generosity, I have decided to go to Paris to learn pastry making. Yes, pastries. Cooking has always been a part of me I wanted to explore so why not? Although things did not work out with Jake but he taught me that the world was more than the four walls of my bedroom or Vinor Communications and I wanted to see the world. Absolutely everything. It was an expensive dream but I had the full support of Aunty Alero, Jumoke and Cheta. Yes, Cheta. I see some of you rolling your eyes or widening your eyes? Hehehehehe. That is just gist for later; let me finish with this Mr. Vincent.

“Abigail the company needs you. Zara is the face of the company but you are the brain. Don’t get me wrong, she is good at what she does but you…you are something else.”

Hmmm…yummy words but excuse me? What kind of man talks about the woman he shags and just got a 2015 Camry for like that?

“Mr. Vincent I appreciate your words but my mind is made up.” I tried to smile but I knew he was not happy about my bluntness. Mr Vincent hated being challenged.

He squashed his cigar. “I will give you some time to think about it Abigail. You have passion for this job. Don’t throw it all away for some nameless fresh start. I can increase your salary. How about that?”

I smiled. “I will think about it Sir.”

I left his office thinking to myself that some things are worth more than money.


I had moved out of the house after a fall out with Ogama; she had decided not to forgive me after I had ruined her engagement party and I was tired of begging for forgiveness. For my peace and her sanity, I moved out of the house. It was not easy getting a new place but I managed to find one through one of Tayo’s agents.

Yes, you heard me right. Tayo.

Don’t roll your eyes just yet because this one aint my fault. The guy has refused to let me breathe or live in peace. The other day he was telling me how he wanted to move to Paris with me on one of his long calls and I am like ‘HOOOOLLLUP!’

“Tayo this is like the umpteenth time I am telling you there is nothing between us like for real. I am sorry your wife left you but I am not your option.”

“Haba babe. I have told you to forgive me. I am a changed man and I miss you.”

“You are allowed to miss me Tayo but I am not obligated to feel the same way. I would like it if we remain friends but if you would not let things go between us, I am afraid-“

“Abby calm down nau. This is Tayo o.”

I rolled my eyes.

“Let’s have lunch at Sheraton tomorrow.”

You see why I hate new money boys? They feel like I would just rip my pants if they mention something like Sheraton. “No Tayo. I am going to church.”

He laughed. “You? Church?”

I ended the call.

My people, yes church. It was hard for me to believe myself too but I started going to church with Cheta and his daughter. Don’t get any ideas e jor, all ye match makers. I started attending the services absentmindedly at first but after some time, it felt refreshing especially with Cheta. It was easy to be with Cheta, easy to talk to him about anything and everything, easy to be with someone who didn’t judge me. He told me his wife had died of cancer and that was why he had left South Africa with Ovie, his daughter. I didn’t understand how he could lose so much but was able to give so much at the same time.

Mind you, I noticed the way girls threw themselves at him and he warded them off politely. Who wouldn’t trip for all of that hunkness? But I also knew I wasn’t ready to commit to anyone. It was a new thing for me to be alone. A scary new thing not until…

It rained heavily after a wonderful church service and we had stopped over at Shoprite in Ikeja to buy chocolates for Ovie. I was laughing hilariously at a joke Cheta told me about his childhood when I saw my mother in the mall with a boy about the age of 14 or so. I stopped and was trying to turn back or hide behind one of the shelves. What in the world was that woman doing in Lagos? In Shoprite of all places?

“What is wrong Abby? You look pale, like you have seen a ghost.”

“We have to go back now…we have to…”  My palms were sweaty and I felt my legs tremble. I stuttered through my words and didn’t notice she had walked up to us.

“You don’t need to run” She said, revealing a missing front tooth. I am so sure one of her numerous prophets tried to slap out the evil from her soul and she lost a tooth.

Cheta looked at me and then turned back to her. “Good evening ma. How may we help you?”

“Cheta let’s just go please.” I looked at him, trying to pull him away from this woman. What does she want? I asked myself.

“Do you know her? Abby what’s going on?” He looked confused.

“Daddy what is wrong?” Ovie whispered.

The boy with my mother looked at us, confused as well. He looked like he had been crying.

“Since nobody is talking, I will introduce myself; I am Abigail’s mother and this is her son.”

What did she just say? I looked at her and she smiled revealing her missing tooth. I felt my legs give in as I caved into darkness.



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