7 Things Every Man Thinks Of When Sex Is On The Table

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There are very few things that can be compared to the thoughts that pass through a man’s mind when he knows sex is on the table. Even though the feeling is not as good as that of the actual sex activity that follows, getting to undress your woman in your mind is a feeling that is second to none. It gets men feeling super excited, knowing they might have sex soon.

Here are 7 things every man thinks about when he knows sex is about to happen.

How quickly should I go?
We want the activity coming up to go as quickly as possible because of the build up of emotions in our body but we also don’t want it to end. This thought in the buildup to sex is confusing and conflicting because all we want is to keep things moving on while also wanting to savour every second of the action.

In what order should I proceed?
We are thinking the shirt is the most sensible route to follow in getting her clothes off her body, but after then what? Do we reach straight for the boobs or go for her pants? Why does she have so much clothing to take off?

Should I remove her bra with one hand or both?
Very few men have the expertise or the dexterity to unclasp a bra with just one hand but the sure thing here is that every man will try the one hand approach first. We know the worst that can happen is that we can’t pull it off and we can employ the use of the other hand. The thought of how tight her jeans her and if we’d be required to use one or both hands to unzip or unbutton them also passes through our minds.

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Is this really happening?
Every man has that sense of disbelieve or doubt when about to hook up with a girl for the first time. The doubt however disappears the minute all the clothes goes off.

Stay cool, Stay cool
No man wants the girl he’s hooking up with to know or feel the blood rushing through his veins the moments leading up to sex. As such, we tend to remind ourselves to stay cool but it’s nonetheless difficult to hide the giddy feeling.

What sexy way can I take off my clothes?
We are thinking if we are supposed to take off both her clothes and ours off and if there’s any sexy way to go about it. We ask ourselves if it will be weird to do so or if she will assist in making the task easier.

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Is it the right time for me to remove my clothes too?
We know every sexual situation is different and we are supposed to study the emotions in the room but we still have to ask ourselves if it’s the right time to take our clothes off. Should we take our clothes off by alternating from top to bottom or bottom to top? Should we first help our partner get completely naked before we proceed to take our own clothes off or should it be the other way round? There’s also a possibility that there’s another faster way of removing both your clothes and hers that you should be following. At this stage you’re probably thinking too much but it’s worth it, isn’t it?



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