6 Types Of People You Will Find In A Gym

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I have been a size 16 lady for more than 3 years now without any weight drop or increase as a matter of fact.

But recently I decided to burn off a bit and keep fit too, so I registered at a Gym some distance away from my house. The reason being so I can have a long walk to the gym whenever i set out.

I got really excited about my trainer, His name is Michael but that’s not what makes me so happy. Michael has a body like Dwayne Johnson (Maybe not exactly same but almost there) and he is so concerned with helping me loose my tummy fat (that thing just knows how to bulge at the wrongest times).

My first day was so much fun, my gym outfit was quite colorful that it gave me the cheer I needed and I got along swimmingly with other fitness freaks,  that i couldn’t wait till my next sweat session.

But you never truly know the kind of characters you are bound to meet at the gym, because not everyone that likes music grooves to the same jam, hence the reason for sharing my experience.

While I must admit that it takes a lot of motivation to hit the gym, some of the characters you find there are strange enough to make you take the headphones out of your ears and stare in absolute disbelief.

Here is a break down of the six types of people I have already experienced in this short while;


hot personl trainer at the gym

I don’t know if all gyms make that a requirement for employing personal trainers. Maybe they feel that might be enough reason for ladies to want to keep coming back, If that’s the case I think they got me *covers face*



He/She has made a resolution to loose some weight but that’s about it. They rarely partake in any exercise and have no clue on how to use the weight machines. They just look on and hope to catch up soon.


beauty queen at the gy

Decked out in the an adorable skin tight gym clothes, with her perfume, makeup and hair looking perfect. More often than not, she is staring at the mirror to make sure her makeup is still intact and if otherwise she reapplies them. She doesn’t leave the gym without taking a seductive selfie.



This can be painfully annoying! Just when you try to be focused and do the required numbers of sit-up, the guy next to you is trying to get all the attention he can by grunting loudly, you will think he is constipating or something worse is happening.


cellphone adict

They spend more time texting, chatting or just pressing their phones than they do working out. Sometimes, they will literally be on their phones having full conversations and chatting throughout the entire workout like the gym is some place they come to spend their leisure time.


competitive one at the gym

This one is the one that gets to me the most. In the last one week that I have been going to the gym, there’s this girl that might for one second have thought we are in some competition. When it’s time to raise our legs, she checks the side to make sure hers is way higher than mine (like the pain i feel from raising few inches up is not enough *sigh*)






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