5 Things You Need to Know About Re-Rocking Your Outfits

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‘Re-rocking’ is basically when you repeat an outfit. Probably to a public place and if you are going to be photographed.

Rerocking applies mainly to ‘A-List’ celebrities and socialites. Because as a regular Bola, you can’t buy a N10,000 shirt and not wear it 101 times.

But if you have joined the ‘i can’t wear it more than once’ ‘I wore it 2 months ago’ bandwagon, we want you to know everything about rerocking.

Here are Five Major things you need to Know about rerocking.

Your favorite fashionistas rerock their outfits!

rerock 1

From the Royals to the Kardashians, everyone rerocks their outfit.

You can Rerock your accessories forever

rerocked 6

If you won’t hide your engagement ring after a first appearance, why should you keep your earrings? This also applies to shoes and bags! Wearing them over again isn’t a problem.

There’s is nothing wrong in repeating your outfit


This doesn’t apply when you wear black jeans for a week! Don’t be dirty about it.

Try to avoid rerocking it the exact same way! 

Kim K repeat costume

Switch up your styling. Not because of anything but basically just utilizing the money you spent on your outfit right!

If you must, Use the caption REROCKED!

rerock 4

I know nobody cares what you are wearing, but if you must, explain why you did so with the caption ‘rerocked’! We suddenly turn that look into a statement, if you are rerocking a particular top it becomes one piece different ways!

Rerocking applies to asoebi! If I spend a lot of cash on asoebi, I’ll rerock to church, for a birthday party, someone’s introduction andanoother wedding.

Don’t let anyone Rerock Shame you – go forth and rerock your clothes!

Daily Mail | Instagram via Mocheddah || Kaylah Oniwo



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