5 Insane Sexual Fetishes That Will Make You Cringe

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The advent of the internet has provided a wide array of people with a means of satisfying and determining the type of sexual fetish they enjoy because it provides pornographic materials in almost every sexual category, while also helping to broaden people’s horizons. Irrespective of how weird your sexual fetish may be, there’s probably someone out there that is into something far more kinky than your mind can fathom.

For some inexplicable reasons, some people can only derive satisfaction when they are presented with some of the most unusual objects and situations. As such, we present to you some of the most insane sexual perversions and fetishes.

Sitophilia and Sploshing
Perhaps some of the most harmless fetishes that exist, sitophilia and sploshing is one fetish some people find extremely scintillating. Even though a lot of people see food fights as wastage, some people find it intensely stimulating to be covered with wet and messy food substances. It is mostly harmless and innocent when compared to the various other sexual obsessions that exist in the world. Sitophilia and Sploshing are not completely the same as they have some differences between them. Sitophiles are people that are mostly turned on when they consume food, roll around in them or by having direct sexual contact with food. Sploshers on the other hand enjoy when they get themselves wet and messy with food. Sploshers may however use mud, oil and paint to replace food items such as cakes and syrups.

This sexual fetish is characterised with getting aroused when tickled. A lot of people experience this sexual fetish and it may come up as a result of enjoying the tickling effect or watching someone get tickled. The Knismolagnia sexual fetish is said to be more enhanced by the use of physical restraints which limits movement and ensures they cannot escape the tickling. When the tickling session is prolonged, especially when physical restraints are involved, a tickle torture is being carried out. Blindfolds have also been known to enhance fetish play simply because they deprive a person off sight which results in heightened touch receptors. Ticklephiles are usually able to achieve orgasm from being tickled while blindfolded alone.

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This is basically a fascination with giants and more specifically with women who have large cavernous vaginas. Sex may seem pretty awkward with someone that stands above 10 feet tall but this is usually not a problem for people with this fetish as they have employed their imaginative minds as to how to please their hypothetical partner. Macrophilia is mostly imaginative and that is why a lot of pornographic movies have put video editing to good use in an attempt to satisfy people who enjoy this pervasive fetish.

Spectrophilia is a form of sexual attraction to ghosts or sexual arousal from images in mirrors as well as the phenomenal of sexual encounters between ghosts and humans. Spectrophiliacs fantasize about ghosts and often imagine scenarios involving sexual events between themselves or others and spirits. There has been lots of romantic tales between humans and spirit lovers, and spectrophiles regale in such tales to feed their imaginations and achieve sexual satisfaction. A lot of people that indulge in this sexual fetish believe they have had a sexual encounter with a spirit entity and is quite spooky to say the least.

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This sexual fetish is based on a love of the pulmonary consumption of tobacco or any other substance that can be smoked. People experience this fetish differently. For some, the smoking is an indication that they love a desired trait or characteristic in their partner. This usually signifies self-confidence, a rebellious attitude and masculinity while for others, it may indicate the substance being smoked itself (i.e the smell, the emission and the loose ashes). Some may go further to want to involve the cigarette during their various sexual activity including oral sex with the lighted cigarette remaining close to their partners genitals during oral sex.



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