4 Secrets Stylish Men Will Never Tell You

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There are a bunch of stylish men out there that we all get to admire not only for their dress sense but the charm which their appearance exudes. This usually gets us wondering why it is that they remain stylish no matter the type of clothes they have on. The answer to this lies in the importance in the manner that they attend to details which some of us see as insignificant. This allows them stand out every single time they step out.
We bet you’re wondering what other strategies stylish men employ to always appear handsome and admirable. Wonder no more as we bring to you four subtle secrets that can help you look your absolute best from head to toe anytime you step out.

Choose A Shirt Collar That Best Fits Your Face
The first thing you should understand is that everyone has a different facial structure and that different shirt collars go with different face types.
If you are blessed with a wide face, it’s best you choose a shirt that has a narrow collar. This is because narrow collared shirts help to lengthen your face, giving you a better structured jaw and a better appearance ultimately.
If you have a medium face, a semi-spread collar is your go to shirt because it will help to create a wide and perfect frame for you to knot a tie, giving a sexy look. If you have a thin face on the other hand, a spread out collar shirt is best for you. This will help to strengthen your jawline and give you a fuller face.

Tell Your Tailor What You Want
One thing a lot of stylish men do is that they get involved in most of the stages of sewing with their tailors. Most are able to tell their tailors what they want and how they believe clothes will look best on them.
If you are sewing a suit or blazer, be sure to tell your tailor to make the shoulder seams set on top of your shoulders. Anything less than this will be a disaster. Also, ask your tailor to take up the bottom of your jacket so it covers most of your butt. This will allow you flaunt your shirt style easily.
Furthermore, your tailor should take your arm measurements a little above your wrist. As a matter of fact, your sleeves should end at the crook of your wrist. This is to make your shirts short enough to accommodate the exposure of a quarter inch of your shirt cuffs.

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Dress Your Height
Dressing your height is one of the best ways to look stylish always. If you’re tall and above 6 feet, it’s best you go for three buttoned jackets. This is because the longer front panel of these type of jackets help you to leave a shorter vertical line which runs down from your collar. This will help you to appear less taller than you actually are. If you fall within the average height category, a two-button suit is your best choice. Two-button suits can make you look either tall or short depending on who is judging and since you’re medium height, it doesn’t matter much.
If you’re short and below 5 ft 6 inches, a one-button suit will work best for you. Single-buttoned suits allow more of your shirt to be exposed which inadvertently makes you look taller. The long V shape formed by the jacket on your shirt helps to elongate your torso, making you appear taller.

Saving Your Wet Shoes
Your shoes are the first thing people notice about you on impulse and can go a long way in how stylish people see you. Given the rainy season we are in, your shoes are bound to get wet often. To take care of your wet shoes, wipe them off with a clean cloth. This is because allowing moisture or water to stay on leather can degrade and spoil them on the long run.
If the insides are wet, put dry newspapers in them to absorb water. Replace the paper when saturated and repeat till the insides are almost dry. Proceed to condition them with polish and store appropriately.

And there you have it. Step out stylishly and get the world admiring you.

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