4 Daily Routines That Will Save Your Lips

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Lips are a part of our bodies that we pay little or no attention to, except of course when we are about to give or receive a kiss. This may be because they are a part of our bodies that we cannot easily see except with the help of a mirror.

Lips however require a lot of our attention because of their thin-skinned and delicate nature. They are lacking in oil glands and are exposed to the harsh elements of our environment significantly more than most parts of the body. This makes them easily get chapped. They also lose colour and get smaller and drier as we age.

Here are four things you can do to make your lips healthier.

Hydrate From The Inside-Out
Dry and scaly lips are perhaps the first signs that your body needs more water than you’re giving it. They may however also be an indication of stress which can negatively affect your body by depleting the essential nutrients you need including water. The obvious thing to do is to rehydrate which does not necessarily mean you should take 10 cups of water. There are other fluids such as teas and coconut water which can come in handy for rehydration. More so, fruits and vegetables such as water melon have high water content which can help in your rehydration therapy.
The ideal quantity of fluids required varies from one person to the other. A clear to pale yellow urine shows that you’re well hydrated.

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Let The Lip Balms Go
A number of us are obsessed with applying lip balms to cover up our dry lips. While it’s true that lip balms can help to protect your lips from moisture loss, they don’t add any fluids to your lips since they don’t get absorbed by them. More so, if your lip balm contain menthol or camphor, it can be a source of irritation which can further dry your lips. It’s best to go for balms that are creamy or ointment-like in nature, containing humectants and occlusives such as shea butter and avocado. These forms of balms usually draw water from the atmosphere into the skin and help seal in hydration.


Flake Off Dry Skin
The lips will usually get dry with changing weather and seasons and as such it’s good to prepare your lips before sloughing off rough and dry skin. Use a moisturizing lip balm on them and lightly brush away scaly patches with a soft brush. More so, you can also make use of olive or coconut oil. Rub either of it on your lips using your finger tips for a few seconds and allow flaked skin to come off on its on. Avoid using anything containing salt and rinse off your lips with water before using any other coat of balm. Ensure you exfoliate the skin of your lips not more than once a week to avoid them turning raw.

Protect Your Lips
It is important your lip balm or facial cream contains broad spectrum sun screen protection from ultraviolet rays of the sun. Sunscreen protection is usually measured in SPF and SPF 15 and 30 labelled products will usually confer protection during daylight hours.

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