2016 NBA Finals: Warriors Blow Out The Cavs For 2-0 Lead [Highlights]

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The Golden State Warriors recorded a resounding 110 – 77 win over the Cleveland Cavaliers in game 2 of the 2016 NBA Finals.

Warriors Blow Out The Cavs For 2-0 Lead
Warriors Blow Out The Cavs For 2-0 Lead

The Warriors took an ever-important 2-0 lead in the series as Draymond Green led the way for the Dubs with 28 points, including 15 from three-point range. The Splash Brothers added 35 as the Finals heads to Ohio for the next 2 games.

“To hold this team to 77 points, that’s not easy to do, but we really locked in,” Green said. “The toughest part is going to Cleveland. We’ve got to go in with a higher focus than we’ve had.”

“It’s a fabulous position with everybody playing their best,” NBA scoring champion Steph Curry said. “We’ve got to keep our focus and not forget how we got here.”

“I’m not surprised we won, but yeah, the margin, nobody would have guessed that coming in,” Curry said. “But every game is different. Game three is going to be totally different, and we need to play like that for sure.”

“I’m not disappointed in our guys or frustrated,” the Cavs’ LeBron James said. “We’ve just got to do better at all facets of the game, offensively and defensively, physically and mentally. We didn’t beat them at anything. Even when we had an early lead, they beat us to 50-50 balls, got extra possessions, extra tip-ins. They beat us pretty good.”

Watch the highlights of Game 2 below!



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