20 Proven Ways To Cope With Morning Sickness

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From a biological point of view, morning sickness can protect your baby from food borne diseases which are more serious when bland food are kept down in the stomach. Pregnancy hormones such as oestrogen and human chorionic gonadotrophin (HCG) play an important role in helping to support the newly fertilized egg. As such, women who experience morning sickness are at a lower risk of suffering from a miscarriage (NB: you can have no morning sickness and still carry and deliver a healthy baby).

Here are 20 things to do that can help you alleviate the urge to throw up when pregnant.

Eat Fruits
Cool foods such as fruits, salads, yogurt and cold soups are best eaten to alleviate morning sickness as warm foods give off strong smells which can trigger you to throw up.

Don’t Be Worried About Nutritional Deficiencies
The body provides stored nutrients if you’ve taken the pains of eating well during the preconception stage. This will allow your body provide enough nutrients for you and your baby during pregnancy.

Avoid Getting Tired
Tiredness tends to increase the chances of you having morning sickness which may make you feel worse as the day progresses. Try taking a 10 minute nap in the afternoon to help you stay strong all day.

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Eat Regularly
It is essential you take small nibbles of food every two hours even if you don’t feel like eating. Having an empty stomach will make you feel queasy and nauseous.

Don’t Eat Too Much
Try not to eat too much as being too full can be as bad as being on an empty stomach. It may even actually worsen your symptoms.

Eat Crackers
A good way of reducing the morning sickness is to have some crackers by your bedside which you can nibble on early in the morning.

Reduce Your Stress
It’s not easy to cut down on stress in a fast-paced world like ours but stress hormones tend to increase the symptoms of nausea. Cut down on your stress and watch your morning sickness disappear.

Breath With Your Left Nostril
When you have the nauseous feeling, you can try breathing with your left nostril as this helps to calm your nervous system. Use your finger to block the right nostril and breath calmly through the left nostril for a few minutes.


Stay Well hydrated
Take as much fluids as you can. If water makes you feel like you want to puke, consider adding some fruit slices to it. Coconut water and ginger ale is another good source of fluids.

Take Snacks Before Going To Bed
Snacks will usually contain lots if carbohydrates and proteins and should be a ready source of food for you before going to bed. Consider taking milk, yogurt and fruits for your night snacks.

Take Cold Drinks
Cold drinks tend to work better than drinks that are of room temperature. It’s also best you sip the drinks slowly instead of gulping them down.

Oranges Help
The sweet fluid you obtain from oranges can help you have a sweet taste in your mouth which greatly reduces morning sickness.

Learn Your Triggers
Try and learn the food and things that triggers your morning sickness and avoid them the best you can. From the smell of the food that triggers you to vomit, you can identify and avoid them.

Peppermint Helps
Peppermint has been a long time help for nausea. Try licking sweets that have them and watch them nip your morning sickness in the bud.Honey

Use Unscented Soaps
Unscented soaps, cleaning products and shower gels can help to make you feel good during pregnancy. Soaps with strong scents can make you want to vomit.


Take Some Ginger
Ginger has been used in treating nausea for a long time. You can try drinking ginger tea or grating some into hot water.

Use Supplements
Some food supplements contain digestive enzymes which can help to ease the bury and greasy feeling that comes after having a meal. Supplements containing enzymes derived from vegetables work best since they are effective across both acidic and alkaline pH.

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Avoid Spicy and Fatty Foods
Fried, spicy and fatty foods tend to upset the delicate balance of the digestive system. As such, it’s best to stay off these foods to avoid having repeated morning sickness during pregnancy. Very sweet and sugary foods should also be avoided.

Wear Gowns
Tight trousers and skirts can aggravate your morning sickness and nauseous feeling. It’s best to avoid them and wear free flowing gowns instead.

If everything you try fails, it’s best you take the day off and rest. You definitely won’t feel that sick after taking a much needed time off.



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