19-Year Old Girl Impersonating Wizkid Arrested

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19-Year Old Girl Impersonating Wizkid Arrested – A 19-year old girl by the name of Ifeoma Nelly has been arrested by police for impersonating Wizkid.

19-Year Old Girl Impersonating Wizkid Arrested
19-Year Old Girl Impersonating Wizkid Arrested

Nelly, who is a student of Industrial Chemistry at the Delta State University, was arrested after a set up by Wizkid’s manager Sunday Are.

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Are revealed that Nelly had been defrauding people with Wizkid’s name for over 3 years, amassing over $65,000. He had been tipped off by potential Australian clients, who became wary of a fraud when someone in Nelly’s team had spoken to them from Nigeria when Wizkid was in Zambia for a show.

“They said someone wanted to collect money from them in Lagos, Nigeria, for Wizkid to come and perform. They now found out that I was in Zambia. They now wondered how possible it was for Wizkid’s manager to be in Zambia, while Wizkid was in Lagos. They managed to get my number and called me.

“I planned with them on how to make this arrest. I talked to them to convince the suspect to come and collect cash in a hotel in Lagos. That was how I managed to arrest her. She came along with two friends. They were two ladies and a guy. She looked like a guy.

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“It took us three to four hours before we could believe she was a lady. She wore native clothes and spotted low cut, like she is Sunday Are. She wore Rolex wrist watch. She bought clothes for the lady that came with her because that one said she didn’t have any clothes good enough to wear to come and collect the money. The arrest happened in a hotel in Lagos.

“I planted policemen inside the hotel room. The people gave the lady an Australian number, saying the Australian didn’t have a Nigerian number. Everything looked genuine. The show was to be in Australia, the phone number was an Australian number and the man she was speaking with, was a white man. But the man was actually in Australia, directing them to come to the hotel to collect cash. They entered the room and we arrested them,” he concluded.



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