15 Signs You’re A control Freak

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Control freaks are perfectionists who rarely know that they are one. Most do not realise how annoying and difficult it is for the people around them to relate and communicate with them especially when they are in their elements. Unfortunately for control freaks, they are usually left frustrated and annoyed at the people around them because of their crave for perfection.

It can however be easy to change from being a control freak to a normal everyday person once you can identify the signs and put in some effort to correct the problem. Here is a list of 15 things control freaks do which can help you recognise if you are one.

It is however important to note that being a control freak is not all bad but can have severe negative effects when it begins to affect you and the people you love.

#1. You’re a workaholic who loves his/her job more than anything. You believe by putting so much effort into your work, people can realise how dependable you are and how much they need you.

#2. You have high expectations of everyone around you even when you know some are not capable of achieving the standards you set.

#3. Your belief is that the only way for something to be done perfectly is through your involvement.

#4. You distrust the judgement of everyone and believe that only yours is right.

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#5 You don’t listen to the opinions of others or make an effort to understand the point of view of other people because you believe you’re right.

#6. You enjoy making decisions for people around whether or not they are affected by it because you believe they are dependent on you and won’t make a good decision without you.

#7. You believe that people around you need your help, guidance and intervention to do things rightly.

#8. You easily get frustrated when people don’t understand you especially when you think you’re trying to help and they act as if they don’t need your help.

#9. You dislike being criticised even though you do all you can to pretend that you can accept criticisms.

#10. You want everything you do to be perfect and be without blemish. You also harbour a secret fear of anyone or anything that seems to be better at what you do.

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#11. You are difficult to please and always complain about even the smallest of things. Any work done by somebody else is shoddy and lacking in accuracy and if the task is yet to be completed, you flare up and get angry that it is yet to be done.

#12. The standards you set for yourself are unreasonably high which will most times leave you feeling frustrated and disappointed.

#13. You believe that your opinions regarding your family, friends and workplace is the best and should be followed without questioning.

#14. You hate it when people keep secrets from you especially the people you care about. You go the extra mile to find out the truth, which may sometime require you to do something that is wrong.

#15. Your believe is that a task will fail if your advice is not asked for or if you’re not directly involved in it.

How To Rid Yourself Off The Need To Control

You’ve gone through a list of things that may indicate you’re a control freak and if you have or show some of these signs, you may want to work on it. Even though we all want some level of control over our actions, it’s best we leave it at that and allow the people around us have control over their lives and actions. It’s plain wrong to derive joy from wanting to control the lives of other people. It’s good to know when to draw the line between bringing up a suggestion and wanting to control people. This is because in time, people that you seek to control may push back or even make an attempt to manipulate you. Control your life and your actions and you’d be happy for it.



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