All The Fab Photos From ‘World of Fragrances’ Luxury Beauty Brunch at ORIKI Spa

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The fourth edition of the World PR Media Luxury Beauty Brunch kicked off at the wonderful ORIKI Spa with its first speaker, Tope Omai, Founder of the Mystiquee Perfumery. Tope educated the guests on the specific “notes” and the variety of “essential oils” required to make perfumes, as well as her trips to places like France to source for some of those “raw essences”. Truly the speech on the “art of perfumery” was quite enlightening and our special guests came prepared to ask a series of questions.

Enquiries were made on challenges encountered in the “World of Fragrance/Perfume making? To which she replied that – customs related issues were a “fixable” barrier amongst the normal challenges faced by the normal business man/woman but her passion far supersedes any possible challenge.

The Zaron experience added the much needed “beauty tips/tricks” to the brunch, Brunching guests (who were catered for by the Hospitality Partner Casper and Gambinis Nigeria) were shown (with the help of a volunteer model) techniques on how to improve their make-up application regime. Products like Zaron’s Eye Brow Definer & Zaron Matte Lipstick were used and also gifted to the Luxury Beauty Brunch guests.

Some brief speeches were given by spokesperson for Mahnoush Beauty Place, Moriam Musa and the Founder of the Stephanie Nicholas Beauty & Wellness, Stephanie Kalu Uche  which concentrates on the range of services provided by their various brands emphasized on the reason for her decision to make her range of products “fragrance-free”.

Other perfume houses on ground like “Supreme Bouquet” bosses Mariam Afolabi and Helen Akinbamiyorin also ensured the guests sampled their perfumes whilst taking them through the journey of how they started their line of perfumes.

The “fabulously fun” aspect of the brunch had guests drawing a picture of their favourite perfume bottle in the “art meets beauty” competition. The organisers use this segment of the brunch to conduct a market research based on their theme. Best Touch of Red and Best “Beauty Meets Brain” session were also picked, these aspects of the brunch always add fun touches to the brunch. The host, Layole Oyatogun who wore an Elegante by Tiannah outfit gave the following highlights “Our partners helped us to deliver an excellent brunch and we thank Cointreau for making sure our guests were refreshed with chilled cocktails, Gala Rosa wines for ensuring our glasses were filled, our hospitality partner Casper and Gambinis Nigeria Aralia by Nature for our beautiful flowers, Prive Events, House of Doughnuts, Luxury Pictures, Pure Cosmetics, Aweni Organics for our gorgeous goody boxes and our special Host partner ORIKI Spa.”

We are also glad that with the help of our media partners like Vanguard Allure, EM, Pulse Ng, 360NoBS, Complete Fashion’s Beauty Box, Sotectonic, Omogemura, Glam Squad Magazine, Tribe and Elan and also the Media Division of World PR Media, the relevant profiling of stakeholders in the beauty industry will continue to grow.

Enjoy the pictures from the Luxury Beauty Brunch

Luxury Beauty Brunch_WorldMediaPR_13_360nobs
Supreme Bouquet Display
Luxury Beauty Brunch_WorldMediaPR_14_360nobs
Toni Tones
Luxury Beauty Brunch_WorldMediaPR_15_360nobs
Host of the Day – Layole Oyatogun
Luxury Beauty Brunch_WorldMediaPR_17_360nobs
CEO World PR Media/Founder of Luxury Beauty Brunch, Tayo Afolabi, Brycee Bassey (Nollywood Actress), Moraim Musa, Founder Morsi PR and Spokesperson for Mahnoush Beauty Place, Salma Phillip – TV Personality
Luxury Beauty Brunch_WorldMediaPR_01_360nobs
Speaker Tope Omai – Founder of Mystiquee Perfumery
Luxury Beauty Brunch_WorldMediaPR_16_360nobs
Adeola Adebiyi,  Editor, Omogemura
Luxury Beauty Brunch_WorldMediaPR_02_360nobs
Luxury Beauty Brunch_WorldMediaPR_03_360nobs
Luxury Beauty Brunch_WorldMediaPR_04_360nobs
Tewa Onasanya, Editor in Chief EM and Founder of ELOY Awards
Luxury Beauty Brunch_WorldMediaPR_05_360nobs
Guests which also includes Hello Magazine editor – Onah Nwachukwu


Luxury Beauty Brunch_WorldMediaPR_11_360nobs
Tayo Afolabi (Founder, Luxury Beauty Brunch) and Stephanie Kalu Uche (Speaker in our Nonescents category
Luxury Beauty Brunch_WorldMediaPR_10_360nobs
Omoni Oboli (Nollywood Actress)
Luxury Beauty Brunch_WorldMediaPR_09_360nobs
Shade Ladipo (Radio Personality – OAP)
Luxury Beauty Brunch_WorldMediaPR_08_360nobs
Dr May Ikeora
Luxury Beauty Brunch_WorldMediaPR_06_360nobs
Tayo Afolabi and Casper and Gambinis Nabil
Luxury Beauty Brunch_WorldMediaPR_07_360nobs
Host – Layole Oyatogun

Luxury Beauty Brunch_WorldMediaPR_12_360nobs

Luxury Beauty Brunch_WorldMediaPR_31_360nobs
Luxury Beauty Brunch_WorldMediaPR_25_360nobs
Shade, Layole Oyatogun and Mariam Trimmer
Luxury Beauty Brunch_WorldMediaPR_24_360nobs
Shade Ladipo, Omoni Oboli and Tewa Onasanya
Luxury Beauty Brunch_WorldMediaPR_29_360nobs
Luxury Beauty Brunch_WorldMediaPR_28_360nobs
Olorisupergal and Onah Nwachukwu
Luxury Beauty Brunch_WorldMediaPR_27_360nobs
Stephanie Kalu Uche

Luxury Beauty Brunch_WorldMediaPR_09_360nobs Luxury Beauty Brunch_WorldMediaPR_10_360nobs Luxury Beauty Brunch_WorldMediaPR_11_360nobs Luxury Beauty Brunch_WorldMediaPR_12_360nobs Luxury Beauty Brunch_WorldMediaPR_13_360nobs Luxury Beauty Brunch_WorldMediaPR_14_360nobs Luxury Beauty Brunch_WorldMediaPR_01_360nobs
Luxury Beauty Brunch_WorldMediaPR_04_360nobs Luxury Beauty Brunch_WorldMediaPR_05_360nobs Luxury Beauty Brunch_WorldMediaPR_07_360nobs Luxury Beauty Brunch_WorldMediaPR_08_360nobs Luxury Beauty Brunch_WorldMediaPR_17_360nobs Luxury Beauty Brunch_WorldMediaPR_18_360nobs Luxury Beauty Brunch_WorldMediaPR_19_360nobs Luxury Beauty Brunch_WorldMediaPR_20_360nobs Luxury Beauty Brunch_WorldMediaPR_21_360nobs Luxury Beauty Brunch_WorldMediaPR_15_360nobs Luxury Beauty Brunch_WorldMediaPR_16_360nobs Luxury Beauty Brunch_WorldMediaPR_23_360nobs Luxury Beauty Brunch_WorldMediaPR_32_360nobs Luxury Beauty Brunch_WorldMediaPR_33_360nobs
Luxury Beauty Brunch_WorldMediaPR_35_360nobs Luxury Beauty Brunch_WorldMediaPR_36_360nobs
Luxury Beauty Brunch_WorldMediaPR_30_360nobs
Photo Credits: Luxury pictures for Tayo Afolabi of World Media PR/Luxury Beauty Brunch

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