Women’s Health Wednesday: Understanding The Elasticity Of The Vagina

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If you have ever supported the idea of having less sex or going on long sex breaks – also called dry spells – as a means for a woman’s vagina to get tighter, that notion is wrong and must be discarded.

According to a health specialist, Jennifer Wider, “Many people falsely assume that women who have less sex have ‘tighter’ vaginas, and women who have more sex have ‘looser’ vaginas—but this is just a complete misconception.”


One benefit of dry spells is that the period allows the muscles in a woman’s vagina which are elastic to easily contract and go back to their normal shape after sexual intercourse and also after childbirth.

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Dr Wider stated two timelines in a woman’s life when the vagina changes shape for a long period. One is after child-birth, two is ageing, that is getting older.

Speaking on childbirth, Wider said, “Some studies have shown that the vaginal muscles can take up to six months post-delivery to get back to their normal shape and size. But they do get back to normal size.”

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Dr Wider stated on how ageing affects a woman’s vagina, “As women age, their hormone levels drop, which means the vaginal walls thin out and become less elastic, so the muscles may get looser.

The good news is that the tone of the muscles can be improved by Kegel exercises, no matter the age of the woman.”

Going on long sex breaks doesn’t cause your vagina to tighten, it actually makes no difference if you used it last three years and another woman uses hers everyday. It’s still the same size. Childbirth or not, still doesn’t matter.

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The notion a woman’s vagina slacks or gets loose after child birth is an archaic perspective and should be dumped. So, no man should use that old line as a reason to sleep with other women. That line is old and gone.

Also, the older the woman, all she needs to get her V-game back is invest in a great ‘my vagina and me’ kegel exercise.


Source, Women’s Health Mag

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