Women’s Health Wednesday: New Survey Reveals How Women And Men Masturbate

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Sex toy manufacturer, We-Vibe, released a 2016 Passion Report on a survey where it asked 1,032 male and female identified people across the U.S. about their masturbation habits and desires.

The findings were revealing.

Masturbators Stick Strictly to Routines That Make Them Achieve Orgasm

The survey discovered that, “a healthy majority (62%) of respondents reported that they follow a “routine” each time they masturbate; for example, watching porn, looking at photos, or using a vibrator.” 

When a girl likes a bag, or shoe, she sticks to it in multiple colors. Boys stick to their alcoholic brand or football team in the same way. For football though, they don’t venture out.

Same with orgasm, when a person knows the tricks that takes them to cloud nine, they stick with it, venturing out once in a while but always coming home.

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Women Use More (More Like 16 Times) Sex Toys Than Men

The survey showed women ‘invested’ more in sex toys, as expected. If you ever thought men used more sex toys than women, well you’ve been schooled.

Over fifty-percent of women agreed that using sex toys is the best way to spice up their routine, only twenty-two percent of the men supported that motion.

The survey read, “Women are 16 times as likely as men to “always” use a toy during masturbation. 53% of women stated that using one sex toy is “the best way to spice up their routine,” just 22% of men agreed.”

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Men Are More Tuned To Pornography Than Women

I’ve seen my fair share of porn on some of my friends laptop to know this is indisputable.

Porn is every man’s kingdom as almost a hundred percent of the men disclosed to the survey that new pornography improves their ‘self-love’ session. And then there are those who think of other people, such as celebrities when taking the edge off.

The survey stated, “Men rally around porn, with 91% stating that watching “new adult content” is the best way to improve a self-love session. 33% of male respondents reported thinking about a celeb when masturbating, 19% of female respondents did”. 


Men Lie More About Their Sex Life Than Women Do

It has been putative that women lie more about their sexual escapades more than men do but this survey found out such notion was wrong.

Sixteen-percent of males revealed they have lied about the amount of times they have had sex, twenty-percent of men have never spoken about their sex life, while forty-nine percent have outrightly lied about their sexual activity. In a bid to appear more masculine, men lie about their sexual conquests to inflate their ego.

“Nearly a quarter (22%) of all respondents reported that they have “never spoken openly” about their sex lives (this makes us sad!), and 49% state that they have either understated or exaggerated their sexual activity.

Of male respondents, 16% revealed that they have claimed to be having more sex than they really were, while 14% of female respondents reported the same; 15% of men said that they’ve claimed to be having less sex than they were, with 12% of women saying the same”.

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Happy Masturbation and may your river never run dry.

Source,  refinery29

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