Wedding Inspiration #11: The Male Wedding Guests in Agbada

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Weddings remain one of the biggest events in Nigeria. Women and men  alike take being a guest a wedding seriously.

In the last two years, nigerian men particularly have embraced the wearing of agbada to weddings.  Agbada which was reserved for older men is now a trend amongst the youth.  No more suits to look dapper, you’re better off turning up as a distinguished guest in a simple, plain coloured fabric agbada.  You can wear your agbada in different hues and tones, with short sleeve or long sleeved buba, with contrasting embroidery or same colour embroidery, topping it off with different hats from any ethnic group.  Personalise further with your accessories – watches, wristbands, ring and of course shoes.

Here are a few pictures of selected stylish male wedding guests, if you are in need of the inspiration.


weddinginspiration_weddingguest_001_360nobs weddinginspiration_weddingguest_002_360nobs

weddinginspiration_weddingguest_003_360nobs weddinginspiration_weddingguest_004_360nobs weddinginspiration_weddingguest_005_360nobs weddinginspiration_weddingguest_006_360nobs








weddinginspiration_weddingguest_014_360nobs weddinginspiration_weddingguest_015_360nobs


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