Waje And Chef Eros Join Hands With British Chef Jamie Oliver To Launch Food Revolution Day

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  •   Music Sensation Waje and leading cookery personality Chef Eros join Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution – see them cooking live at 2.30pm local time on Facebook on Friday 20th May.
  •  13 per cent of boys and 12 per cent of girls under the age of 20 in Nigeria classed as overweight and obese* whilst undernutrition amongst children is still on the rise

On Food Revolution Day, Jamie Oliver and numerous famous faces including the campaign’s Global Champions singer, songwriter and philanthropist Waje and leading cookery personality Chef Eros, will be calling for people around the world to sign up to the Food Revolution. Jamie and his army of revolutionaries will be putting pressure on governments at the World Health Assembly meeting in Geneva on 23rd May to tackle the child nutrition crisis.


In a move that Jamie Oliver has called a “game-changer”, he and numerous other well-known personalities, will take to Facebook Live on 20th May for a 7-hour cooking marathon. The aim is to encourage people to join them in a full-scale, global Food Revolution – a major part of which will be giving people power to lobby their own governments to fight diet-related disease.

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Jamie Oliver says:
“The last 15 years have been tough at times. There were a few of us out there asking questions, wanting answers and making a lot of noise but it often felt like no one was listening. But recently we’ve started making headway, governments are beginning to change policies. This Food Revolution Day we’re going to give governments that extra little nudge by running longest-ever Facebook Live campaign, getting millions of people involved from all around the globe. The World is crying out for action and there has never been a better time to make changes to save millions of lives.”

Singer Waje from Nigeria says:
“It’s great to be involved in the Food Revolution this year. It’s particularly important to us here in Nigeria as we’re experiencing a child nutrition crisis. On one hand, we’ve got millions of kids suffering from undernutrition, and on the other hand more and more Nigerian kids are becoming obese. If we’re going to combat this crisis we have to do it as one.”

Leading cookery personality Chef Eros says:
There is no better way to ensure a healthy body and mind than by eating good, nutritious food. At this year’s Food Revolution Day in Lagos, we will be attempting to educate people about healthy eating through practical cooking demonstrations, health talks and other unique events.”

Why #FoodRevolution? 
Currently 41 million children under five are overweight while another 159 million are too undernourished to grow properly: we are in the middle of a global health crisis. Food Revolution Day, now in its 5th year, aims to provoke discussion and inspire positive, meaningful change in the way we access, consume and understand food.

Starting in kitchens at home and moving up to the highest levels of business and government, Jamie believes people must work together to empower children with the nutritional knowledge and resources they need to live healthier, happier lives.

Here in Nigeria, the government has achieved some key milestones in tackling the child nutrition crisis, like the 2005 universal iodization of salt. Programmes like the ‘Saving One Million Lives Initiative’, which placed nutrition as a core focus, are positive but still much more needs to be done.

As the country now faces both an obesity epidemic, with 13 per cent of boys and 12 per cent of girls under the age of 20 being classed as overweight and obese in 2013*, and a severe number of undernourished children, the government needs to step up its efforts in tackling the crisis.

That’s why Jamie and Waje and Chef Eros are calling for people in Nigeria to sign up and join the Food Revolution and ask their government to ensure strong Nigerian leadership at the World Health Assembly meeting on May 23rd where Minister of Health Professor Isaac Adewole will represent Nigeria just three days after Food Revolution Day.

The World Health Assembly is the annual meeting of all the world’s health ministers in Geneva.  This is a great opportunity for Minister Adewole to tell the world what Nigeria will do to tackle child obesity and child undernutrition, building on the recently announced drive by former President Olusegun Obasanjo to end hunger by 2030. Jamie Oliver will also be there to encourage ministers to take strong action.

Jamie and thousands of others across the globe are asking for people to call on their governments to commit to action on nutrition and sign up to the Food Revolution (www.jamiesfoodrevolution.org) and use #foodrevolution in social media posts to show global leaders that this is an issue that can’t be ignored.

As part of Food Revolution Day, Jamie will also be taking an International Omelette Challenge global to get people, young and old, experiencing first-hand how super-quick, easy and delicious healthy grub can be wherever you are, and encourage more noise on social media for the Food Revolution.

To join in all Facebook Live action on 20th May visit Facebook/JamieOliver

You can see Waje and Chef Eros cooking LIVE on FACEBOOK at 2.30pm local time on Friday 20th May from Dowen College, Lekki.

Become a revolutionary here www.jamiesfoodrevolution.orgJoin the conversation and enter the International Omelette Challenge using #foodrevolution



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