Video Review: JLo Dances To Gender Equality In New “Ain’t Your Mama” Video

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JLo as pop culture knows her or Jennifer Lopez in full, has released her latest visual work, Ain’t Your Mama, and it has been widely accepted with over thirteen million views in four days.

In the video JLo encouraged women to be treated as equal to men and this has gotten nods from US Presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton as well as Rihanna.  Worthy of note, JLo is seen wearing the sexiest shoes from Rihanna’s recent collaboration with shoe designer, Manolo Blahnik – Denim Deserts 9-5 boots.

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The 46 year-old award winning singer went from housewife to amazon as she poured a bowl of food all over her male partner’s body while he was waiting to be served by her.

She went on to say her man was too comfortable by letting her do all the housechores while singing about being crazy in love with him and begging him to “let’s get back to how we used to be”.

In another clip, JLo also destroyed products at her workplace because her male boss was rude to her, encouraging other disgruntled female co-workers to cheer “ain’t your mama”. 


Rihanna shared on Instagram

Hillary Clinton’s tweet,

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Watch Ain’t Your Mama Video: 

Should we say women have gained another term to throw at men besides Beyonce’s ‘Boy, Bye and Middle Fingers Up’? Ladies, let him know you ‘ain’t his mama’ if he isn’t willing to at least share in the chores.

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