VIDEO: ”Can You Stop Filming Me?” Adele Blasts Fans For Recording Her Concert

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Adele was being filmed by an eager fan during her concert in Arena di Verona, Italy, Sunday, (May, 29) and it looked like she didn’t really like it as she put the film-maker on blast.

During her performance, while rocking her signature sequined fashion style she pointed into the crowd and said, “look I want to tell that lady as well, can you stop filming me with the video camera. I’m really here in real-life, you can enjoy it in real-life rather than through your camera.’

Adele performing at Arena Di Verona, Italy, Sunday.

While referencing her millions of fans who desperately wanted to attend the concert but couldn’t, the 28-year-old singer told another fan she caught recording with a tripod, ‘Can you take your tripod down, this isn’t a DVD. This is a real show and I’d really like you to enjoy the show because there are lots of people outside who couldn’t come in.’

Funny thing, there were those recording this classic Adele reaction to being illegally recorded. 

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The British singer’s reaction to being filmed during a live performance has been linked to her desire for fans to live in the moment rather than being concerned with filming her illegally and pirating her music.

As for piracy, the award-winning singer needn’t bother about who is pilfering off her fame seeing as she is reportedly getting ready to sign a $130 million, (N25,880,400,000) record-breaking contract.

TMZ reported that the Someone Like You hitmaker bought a mansion worth $9.5 million, (N1,891,260,000). The sprawling 6,600 square foot property is set in an exclusive gated community in LA County and the sale was kept as a top secret deal. The property was initially listed at $9.9 million.

Piracy and illegal filming is DEFINITELY not Adele’s problem, she just wants her true fans to enjoy watching her perform live.

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Source, Dailymail, Youtube, SMH

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