Two Teenage Girls Hang Themselves After Being Married-Out Against Their Will

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Asha Shrikant Burud and Swati Umesh Zanjare, both 19 years-old, hung themselves from a tree in a jungle after they were forced to marry against their will in India.

Both women were married off in a mass ceremony at the start of the month in Western India, and had gone missing 10 days later.

Police discovered both bodies hanging from a tree in a jungle and instantly described their deaths as suicide because they were married off against their wishes.

child bride suicide
Asha Shrikant Burud (right) and Swati Umesh Zanjare (left)

Their families, from the village of Asane reported them missing after Asha and Swati went into a nearby forest to gather wood and fruit and never returned home.

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Inspector Girish Dighavkar of the Ghodegaon police station said, “Based on the primary investigation, we believe that the two have committed suicide.

Though we are yet to ascertain the exact reason behind the deaths, we suspect that the two ended their lives as they were married against their wishes.

We are yet to record the statements of the family members, relatives and others. It is only after the probe we would be able to confirm the reason.”

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Forced marriage suicide is quite common in India where poor families forcefully marry-out their teenage daughters in a bid to get a better life from their association with their new in-laws.

This occurs mostly with impoverished families and it is usually at the detriment of the girls being married against their will.


Source, Dailymail


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