Trending Right Now: #SayNoToSubsidy

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Trending right now is the hashtag #SayNoToSubsidy, following the Minister of State for Petroleum Resources, Dr. Ibe Kachikwu’s comment on Sunday, (May, 15).

The minister said that the federal government had to remove the subsidy on petrol or provide N16.4 billion every month to offset the subsidy claims of oil marketers.

He also explained that at the time the government made the decision to remove the subsidy, it was incurring about N13.7 kobo as subsidy on each litre of petrol bought by Nigerians.

Kachikwu’s explanation doesn’t resonate well with the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) as the group has declared full mobilisation of workers and civil servants for the nationwide strike and complete shutdown of the economy.

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