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There are lots of things which oddly enough seem extremely weird and the hashtag #DoesItSeemOddThat is Trending Right Now with Tweethearts sharing their odd and completely relatable stories.

 that you can work hard and still stay broke? Add yours…

Daniel –   no matter what time I go to sleep at night I still feel like shit in the morning?

Bobbie –  when traveling it takes forever to get there yet shorter to return home?

Potamites –  some peeps don’t get that complaining how it’s hard to be white these days can’t compare to how it’s hard to be black.

Piya –  we have people with 10 cars and property etc using middle-class people to raise money for those less fortunate

Headshakers  no one running for president has cooked their own food or done their own food shopping in YEARS? or driven a damn car?

Mandy –  some are opposed to people hunting for their own food, but yet will go buy meat at a grocery store.

Yangwang –  we use “good evening” as a greeting and “good night” as a means of saying goodbye?

Pacman –  we censor women nippies and not men nippies.

2Real – The “Americans” that embarrass us the most are our so called leaders?

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