The Much Talked About Tecno L8 And Its Features

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Tecno is known for giving her customers the opportunity to experience more. This fact has definitely been proven in the introduction of Tecno L8.

Here are the many great reasons you should have the  TECNO L8.

The largest battery ever produced

5050 MAH battery size

The L8 comes with a 5050MAH battery size. While Tecno did well by giving us an extremely large battery, it still maintained its simplicity and beauty. The 5050mAh battery capacity is large enough for you to have fun with the little device up to 3 days. The large battery can sustain nearly 72 hours and it make your life convenient and colourful. You can just do what you like with L8 without concern.

tecno l8_1_360nobs

5.5″ HD Large Screen

The 5.5” large screen brings you a fresh and new audio-visual feast. The super-large screen will satisfy your pursuit of entertainment. This is your private theatre and you can enjoy movies as you like. Besides, the world can be reflected vividly so you can touch the view.

tecno l8_2_360nobs

Luxury Metal Appearance

It’s really cool to own a phone with luxury metal appearance. L8 stands out and it won’t let you down. The fashionable metal appearance with a large screen can go along with your taste. Choose L8, choose exquisite life. Be yourself and stay unique.

tecno l8_3_360nobs



One-touch Ultra Power Saving Mode

L8 devotes itself to bringing you the experience of lasting entertainment life. The smart phone is not only equipped with the 5050mAh large battery but also with the specially designed button to enter the ultra power saving mode. The one-touch super power saving mode makes it convenient to prolong the usage time. The ultra power saving mode will beyond your expectation for it will prolong the service time of L8 distinctly. Press the button of the ultra power saving mode and have fun with L8 for another hours! The ultra power will only make some basic applications available, leaving others out of use.

tecno l8_4_360nobs

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tecno l8 4

Convenient Connection OTG

The USB On- The- Go allows users to be able to connect peripheral devices to your phone via the micro USB port for added functionality. This awesome feature lets you connect any USB device, even full-sized keyboards, to your phone and utilize them.

The phone also has awesome features like the Quick Launch, double tapping to wake, flip to mute, wave to answer, taking screenshot with three fingers, and many others. L8 is definitely a must have.


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