TECNO W4, Probably The Best Budget Marshmallow 6.0 Phone

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If you are an ardent android fan then you are still caught in the Marshmallow 6.0 fever! This super fluid, super-efficient latest version android OS has many features which android users are very thankful for. One of such features is the “Clear permission system” which allows a user to actually control how much access an app can have over phone features like camera, phone contact, emails, phone speakers etc.

Marshmallow 6.0 is a very cool OS but it seemed to have been exclusively designed for only the high and mighty in the smart phone world right? Wrong. The new TECNO W4 which flaunts the beloved Marshmallow 6.0 shows android dexterity in such a way only this lovable, sleek budget smart phone can and do.

So, is TECNO W4 the best Marshmallow 6.0 budget phone out in the market? Be the judge.

Super-crisp 5.0’’HD display

Tecno W4_1_360nobs

You have probably seen a 5.0’’ display touchscreen with resolution specification pegged at 1280*720 before but don’t be fooled by the figures, TECNO W4 5.0” HD IPS touchscreen has phenomenal Image definition.

Tecno W4_2_360nobs

See above, resolution comparison between TECNO W4 and a HP Pavilion Notebook (a Core i5 monster PC).The trick is brilliant camera and image optimization which the Marshmallow 6.0 affords this humble smart phone.


Wide angle cameras

Tecno W4_3_360nobs

Now, all your friends and family can be captured in your favorite group selfie with no more cuts or photo tricks. The new TECNO W4 tables dual Wide angle cameras as one of its key selling points. Larger aperture means more light from images before the camera can enter the lens and be capture. TECNO W4 so flaunts excellent panorama effect.

The Marshmallow 6.0 we love

Tecno W4_4_360nobs

Android is a lot sexier when what you are frolicking is the Marshmallow 6.0 and that’s exactly what TECNO W4 brings to the table. This brilliant smart phone gives android lovers the best of the android ecosystem, from second nature intuitiveness to exciting new levels of control, privacy, apps organization and management. See all the stuff you can do with Marshmallow OS

Premium metallic frame with chamfered edges

Tecno W4_5_360nobs

You just have to love the way the TECNO W4 fills the palm when in a user’s grip. The phone’s light weight and grip-friendly design makes it a highly functional smart phone for an urbanite.

The TECNO W4 also wears prestige in a sublime way with premium metal frame and inch-perfect, chamfered edges that accentuate the phone’s presence.


HiOS inside

Tecno W4_6_360NOBS
A lot Breezier and fluid user interface (UI)
Tecno W4_7_360NOBS
Better app organization and management

Users who have experienced any recent smart phone release from TECNO would have noticed the totally reinvigorated, breezy and fluid user interface (UI) the smart phone adorns, that is the HiOS. In addition to equipping TECNO phones uniquely tailored features, HiOS optimizes audio, images display and app management in TECNO W4. One-touch button clears up junk files with one click and Ultra-power saver feature gives your smart phone extra juice to last the long haul.

Not a bad buy at all 

If you ever think of getting yourself a budget phone that stands out yet weighs down gently on your pocket, the TECNO W4 is the smart phone to go for. Retail price stands at NGN22,700, not a bad buy at all!

Tecno Marshmallow 6.0_360nobs

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  1. The W4 is considered as a budget phone so I’ll just say “its nice” and it has nice “doings” too

    1. I will say that they are only being sensitive with Nigerian economy and wouldn’t want to rip off customers with high price like others.

  2. but how much is it?
    I’m also impressed by the specifications although I heard its a 2500mAh battery capacity phone..which is also affordable

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