Sorry Justin! Justin Bieber Sued for Copyright Infringement Over Hit song “Sorry”

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Looks like it’s too late to say sorry for Canadian singer Justin Bieber as he has been sued for copyright infringement over his major hit song “Sorry”.

Justin Bieber may have one more thing to apologize for in court. The singer and producer, Skrillex, are reportedly being sued by indie singer/songwriter White Hinterland, who alleges the duo used her vocal loop on the smash hit song “Sorry” without permission.

Hinterland’s real name is Casey Dienel and she claims the 2015 track, taken from Bieber’s album Purpose, bears striking resemblance to the “unique characteristics of the female vocal riff” on her 2014 song “Ring the Bell”

Only last year, Bieber was sued alongside Usher by De Rico, an R&B musician who believed their song “Somebody To Love” had copied his own track of the same name.

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“Sorry” was written by Bieber and Skrillex—real name Sonny Moore—along with songwriters Julia Michaels, Justin Tranter (frontman of rock band Semi Precious Weapons) and Michael Tucker. Skrillex produced the track along with Blood.

Hinterland names Bieber, Skrillex and the other writers as defendants. She claims “Sorry” repeats an eight-second riff from her song six times. With a detailed post explaining her actions on Facebook.

The musician reportedly warned Bieber to stop using the track in December 2015 but she was ignored.

Click here to read her Facebook post.

To clear your doubts – Listen to both songs below;




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