Skai Jackson’s Mum Warns Azealia Banks: “I Don’t Play Those Games”

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Skai Jackson’s Mum Warns Azealia Banks – The mother of teenage Disney star Skai Jackson, Kiya Cole has issued a note of warning to Azealia Banks.

Skai Jackson's Mum Warns Azealia Banks
Skai Jackson’s Mum Warns Azealia Banks

How did Azealia Banks and Kiya Cole get tangled? It all began after Azealia Banks attacked former One Direction singer, Zayn Malik. Azealia hurled a bunch of racial slurs at the Pillowtalk singer, calling him “a hairy curry scented b***h” and a “Punjab.”


The rant was so extreme, Azealia lost her spot as a headline act on Rinse FM’s Born And Bred Festival. Skai Jackson thought Azealia was getting out of line too, and tweeted that she should simmer down.

Azealia was on a roll already, and turned her anger on the 14-year old. Azealia hurled insults at Skai and even dragged her mum into it, saying her mum had to perform oral sex to get her roles at Disney.

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Skai wasn’t about to let a 10-year age difference between herself and Banks matter, and clapped back immediately.

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Skai’s mother wasn’t impressed  either, and warned Azealia Banks to be careful of what she said.

@azealiabanks Please don’t do it to yourself!

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