Ronaldo’s Son Tells Him Bale Is Faster Than He Is

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On a lighter note, Cristiano Ronaldo talks about how his kid teases him, who claims Bale is faster than his dad.

The Portuguese has a shot at claiming his third UCL trophy, as well as being the only player to have scored in three finals should they beat Atletico this Saturday.

Ahead of the anticipated final, the Madrid forward talks about his joy of having a son and how much he teases him.

“I always said it was a dream to have a son, he changed me a lot,” Ronaldo told Jugones de la Sexta.

“Sometimes he comes at home and says ‘daddy, Bale is faster than you’. And I say ‘what are you on about? No one is faster than your dad’.

“And he says ‘yes but at school they told me he is faster and in an interview Messi said that he’d like to have your right foot’. He comes up with these things and it gives me joy, he’s a kid.”



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