Read My Thighs! 22 Year-Old Police Officer Shares Raunchy Snaps In Her Uniform

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A 22 year-old policewoman from China has been sacked after she took a few racy selfies while in her uniform and posted them on her social media account.

The Public Security Bureau of Dandong in Liaoning province, confirmed the unnamed woman worked as an auxiliary officer at the Zhenxing Branch of Public Security Bureau of Dandong.


An official from Dandong confirmed to media on Tuesday, (May, 10) that the woman whose account said she was born in 1994 was a member of their staff.

However, the bureau said she had already been sacked since the ‘vulgar photos’ made rounds over the internet.


Although she had deleted the photos later, it had been widely shared on many social media sites in China.

A spokesman of the Zhenxing branch who spoke to People’s Daily Online said “sharing the pictures on her personal microblog ‘has caused adverse effect’.”

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The images which showed her not appropriately dressed have elicited mixed feelings as some have criticized her actions, calling it a lack of respect for her profession while others don’t seem to mind too much and wonder what the big deal is.


Comments on her issue include:

Morgane Borrel: ‘This is purely sexist. If vulgarity is taking a selfie sitting on the floor doing a duck face, well a lot of people are vulgar in this case.’

Uche Echi: ‘A rather foolish thing for her to do. She took her law enforcement job and reputation for granted. After all the man hours she spent training and studying to pass the exams – physically and otherwise.’

Ray Bear: ‘She should be fined for stupidity as she’s wearing her name tag’.

The 22 year-old was trained at the Dandong Police Academy where another official condemned her action as an ‘incident to take a lesson from’ as well as ensuring the Academy would ‘strengthen their student management to maintain strict discipline’.

What’s your take, too racy or just another police officer feeling free?

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Source, People’s Daily Online

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