Is This The Most Racist Ad Or Nah? Chinese Detergent Turns ‘Dirty’ Black Man To Light-Skinned Asian

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chinese detergent advert

This Chinese detergent is literally ‘whitewashing’.

A new commercial for a Chinese laundry detergent brand Qiaobi has been tagged the most racist advert ever by the public after its advert portrayed a Chinese woman shoving a dirty Black man into a washing machine after forcing him to eat the Qiaobi detergent pod only for him to emerge looking light-skinned and Asian.

Since the commercial began airing this May in China TV, it has been spread across many platforms all over the world sparking outrage on each medium including social media.

The commercial has been tagged a reflection of the Chinese obsession with white skin seeing as Asian woman use beauty products meant to make their skin lighter and having a detergent do the same thing, well, its’s refreshing to some.

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Liban Yousuf on Twitter said, “omg I’ve never seen anything more racist. sheesh” 
chinese detergent kl

The shocking commercial played as:

Chinese woman walking up to her washing machine to start a load of laundry

chinese detergent a

Dark-skinned African laborer holding a paint brush and wearing a stained white shirt enters the room

chinese detergent k

And whistles at her in a flirtatious fashion

chinese detergent b

The Chinese woman motions for him to come closer

chinese detergent c

And the black man approaches as if to kiss the woman

chinese detergent d

Then at the last second, she force feeds him a laundry pod

chinese detergent e

And then shoves him head first into the washing machine

chinese detergent f

She then slams the top of the washing machine shut and starts the cycle, jumping up on the appliance with a smile on her face as the man screams and groans from inside.

chinese detergent g

At the end of the cycle, the woman opens up her laundry machine to find a light-skinned Asian man. The woman appears delighted.

chinese detergent h

The commercial ends with the man holding up one of the Qiaobi laundry pods and smiling

chinese detergent i

Many call it racism, others opine it’s good humor, while some just don’t care. Everyone has a point of view.

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Source, Dailymail

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