President Buhari Promises The Best For Rescued Chibok Girl, Amina Ali

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Buhari Promises The Best For Rescued Chibok Girl – President Muhammad Buhari has promised that the recently rescued Chibok girl would be given the best treatment possible.

Buhari Promises The Best For Rescued Chibok Girl
Buhari Promises The Best For Rescued Chibok Girl

The rescued girl, Amina Ali Nkeki, was discovered with a baby at the edge of the Sambisa forest by members of the Civilian Joint Task Force. She was taken to meet Borno state governor Kashim Shettima, but not after being reunited with her mother and brother.

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She eventually met President Buhari, who carried her 4-month old baby, named Safiya. The president revealed his happiness at her safety, but added that it was “tinged with deep sadness at the horrors the young girl has had to go through at such an early stage in her life”. The President added that the Federal Government would do its best to take care of her.

“Although we cannot do anything to reverse the horrors of her past, federal government can and will do everything possible to ensure that the rest of her life takes a completely different course,” he said.  “Amina will receive the best care that the Nigerian government can afford. We will ensure that she gets the best medical, psychological, emotional and whatever other care she requires to make a full recovery and be reintegrated fully into society.”



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