Police Rescue 13 Year Old Abducted and Forcibly Converted To Islam

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The Bauchi State Police have secured the release of a young girl that was abducted by her uncle in Bauchi State and forcibly converted to Islam.

The father, Elder Bawa Buba an ordained Elder of Seventh-day Adventist Church, had brought attention to the case by writing an open letter protesting the abduction and islamization of his 13 year old daughter.


His daughter, Alheri Bawa was abducted by her uncle Mal Dauda Buba.

According to the father, Alheri had gone to visit her uncles in their family compound in Siri village, but later followed one of her uncle’s children to spend the weekend in Bauchi city.

Days after she did not return, Bawa Buba made a call to Dauda Buba, who is a son to his elder brother, to whom the girl had gone to visit, to enquire whether his daughter was with him as reported. To his surprise, he was informed that his daughter has been islamized, and he should forget about seeing her any time soon.

When their family members could not internally resolve the issue, Bawa Buba took the case to the Police who disregarded the importance of the case, treating it as a civil dispute. This forced him to reach out to the media for help.

After weeks of pressure from the media and international community, including the intervention of the Inspector-General of Police, Solomon Arase, the Bauchi State Commissioner of Police, Baba Tijanni, secured Alheri Bawa’s release and safely reunited her with her family. Her abductor, Mal Dauda Bawa is allegedly in police custody and would reportedly be charged to court soon.

347Alheri Bawa

It is despicable that these religious abductions still happen and the police refuse to do their duty unless there is media attention and “orders from above”.



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