Who Poisons Children? Sixty Students In An All Girls School Poisoned In Afghanistan

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Afghanistan officials are extremely worried after sixty students in grade seven to twelve of Mir Mulai Girl School – an all girls school – were poisoned.

The incident occurred at the Rustaq district of northern Afghanistan’s Takhar province around 10AM, Wednesday (May, 4).

A police officer, Abdul Khalil Asir told Xinhua News, “Some 60 students of grade seven to 12 of Mir Mulai Girl School in Rustaq district were mysteriously poisoned today at around 10:00 a.m. and have been taken to hospital for medical treatment.” 

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Asir also confirmed that investigation was underway to determine the cause of the poisoning. He stated that this is the second poisoning incident in Takhar province over the past two weeks.

In the first case, sixty students of another all girls school were poisoned. They vomited incessantly which caused them to fall unconscious for several hours.

The incident occurred at the same district Rustaq on April 19, which has gotten officers in the province more aware of a systematic poisoning of young girls taking place.

Source, china.org

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