Photos Of Man Mauled By Two Lions As He Attempts To Commit Suicide

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man suicide lion

If you want to end your life and you need ideas, remember there is a man somewhere who got naked and jumped into a lion’s enclosure which contained three lions – and was almost eaten by two.

The 20 year-old man, Franco Luis Ferrada Roman, attempted suicide by getting naked and jumping into the enclosure at the Santiago Metropolitan Zoo in Chile.

Zoo officials confirmed the Chilean male was mauled by two of the lions when he entered their territory and was left seriously injured after the attack.

man suicide lion

An eyewitnesses Cynthia Vasquez, told Chilean radio station ‘Bio Bio’: “The security personnel at the zoo were slow to react and that the animals did not attack the man as soon as he entered the enclosure. 

He entered the enclosure from above and the lions started to play with him, and then after they attacked him.”

She added that the suicidal-man was ‘shouting things about Jesus’.

Cynthia also criticized the slow manner in which the Santiago zoo officials responded to the affair, saying, “first they threw water, evacuated the people and only later did they fire shots.”

man suicide lion

In a bid to save the Chilean’s life, the lions were shot to death by security officers of the zoo, an act which was condemned by Animal Rights activists.

The zoo has defended its actions stating that saving the man’s life was paramount and both animals had to be put down as they had no fast-activating tranquilizers.

Luis Ferrada who is reported to have a history of mental issues had written a suicide note which was found among his clothing.

He has been hospitalized and is currently fighting for his life.

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man suicide lion

Suicide or cry for help?


Source, BBC, DailyMail

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