#NeverGiveUp! Mike Epps Graduates High School At Age 45

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Mike Epps has graduated high school at the age of 45 as he joined the graduating class of 2016 at Arsenal Technical High in Indianapolis.

Epps began his career as an entertainer at an early age and later went on to sign with Def Comedy Jam in 1995.

While focused on making a name for himself, he missed out on one important thing, earning a high school diploma.

On Friday (May, 20), the successful actor and comedian finally got his high school diploma at an age where most people would have considered themselves too old to even attempt attending high school.

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Epps gave an honest speech about his accomplishments and encouraged the students.

“This is so emotional to me because I didn’t get a chance to graduate like this. And now I’m 45 years old and just to be amongst you guys is such blessing. I’m so proud of you and I want you to continue to keep pushing on and go to college and get as many degrees as you can.

My beautiful mama that’s sitting in the audience she told me when I was young, she said, “Mike, one day you’re gonna wish you would’ve gotten your education.”

Well, now he has made momma proud. He shared a few captions on Instagram.

He captioned his post with his mother: My mom said today one of her dreams came true. Finally got my high school diploma. From a class clown to becoming world renowned #nevergiveup #mikeepps #unclebuck #TechHS.”

Epps said during his graduating speech:  “I have always been insecure about not having a diploma. I taught myself how to read so sorry MF if I don’t spell right ALL THE TIME lol but I’m proud of who I am. Shoutout the class of 2016. #mikeepps #Nevergiveup”.

He also shared a photo with his daughter who was so proud of her father: “My daughter came to see me graduate. Missing my other girls Mickey, Madison & Moriah. Just want to make y’all proud !!! #Nevergiveup.”

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The absolute joy on his face, though. Priceless!

Source, Instagram

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