Model With Vitiligo, Winnie Harlow, Covers Wonderland Magazine Summer Issue

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winnie harlow

Winnie Harlow graces the cover of Wonderland Magazine Summer Issue – which is also her first major magazine cover. In her interview with the magazine, the 21-year-old Toronto native is speaking out against her ‘role model’ status, insisting that she’s just living her life.

She would rather be an inspiration, than a role model.

Winnie Harlow, real name, Chantelle Brown-Young, shot to fame after a stint on America’s Next Top model, and has made it big with appearances in music videos for Drake and Beyoncé.

Winnie revealed she never had the intention of being a spokesperson for her skin condition, vitiligo, though after being thrust into the spotlight a few years ago through the disease, she has found herself as the reluctant face of the skin condition.

winnie harlow

Winnie also admitted to loving the separation between her personality at work and being Chantelle at home, adding that she gets annoyed if they get mixed up.

The social media star who has a following of 1.1 million will be covering one of five covers of the glossy’s summer 2016 issue.

Photographed by Jonathan Baron and styled by Matthew Josephs, the cover shows a close-up of Harlow sporting a beret with a “Save Our Human Rights Act” label attached and a pair of Beats by Dre headphones.

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Other cover stars for the summer 2016 issue include Zendaya, Grimes, actress Sasha Lane and model Jordan Kale Barrett.


An excerpt of the interview read:

‘I personally don’t know why I’m seen as a role model. I like to call myself more an inspiration if anything. I’m happy to inspire your seven-year-old child, but I do not want to be her role model.

It’s not necessarily that I’m undeserving of the title, but holding yourself up as a person for young girls to look up to isn’t easy.

I give kudos to people like Zendaya who are like: “Yes, I want to inspire young kids.” And I’m like: “Girl, that’s a lot of work!”. ‘She is a role model.’

‘The rest of the world just knows “Winnie”, right? So, I guess Winnie has some fame. Chantelle’s just a hood chick who got a chance, who’s from the hood in Toronto and got a chance at a very sick career.’

‘My mom will sometimes call me Winnie, it’s so annoying, I’m like, “Who are you talking to?”

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